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  1. hi, does hdmi work (audio & video connected to a hdmi tv) ? Thanks
  2. Hello, i am having a message saying "Because a USB device was drawing too much power from your computer one or more of your USB devices has been disabled" , but usb ports work. Another message is when i resume from sleep that it disconnects all usb devices(harddrives, usb pens) unproperly, and it connects them again. Have you got such messages at startup and at resume from sleep? Also, could i know which hardware have you got and may you share your original dsdt(unpatched)? In this way i can see the differences in your dsdt applying it to mine. I am asking because i have poor performance using your files (i have an i7-2670qm 2.2 ghz quad cpu here). Thanks!
  3. thanks! the first link you gave me points here...no dsdt, but applehda & ioaudiofamily. I installed nvidia drivers and all went fine, but now i can't even put it in sleep (computer frozen, black screen, no sleep-mode). Before i was able to put computer in sleep, but i had problems with resume. Now i cannot even stop. Perhaps it's due do dsdt...may you please provide your dsdt and your "extra" folder? Thanks!
  4. thank you for your reply! May you please give more details about that? Link to latest drivers, dsdt patch? you mean classical usb-patches ? or something specific for mountain lion? in lion everything works nice, just in mountain there is the problem... thanks!
  5. thanks for sharing. can i ask you how you have sleep in mountain lion? here sleep doesn't work...any suggestion?
  6. hmm...here tapping (and double-tapping) doesn't do anything at all . May you please describe the kexts you included and which kexts should i install to have it working? thanks!
  7. hi, where is the the "light on/off" button for keyboard light?? Cannot find it... i cannot understand what you wrote : "double tap on the light on/off button" . There are FN+F3 & FN+F4 buttons for keyboard light and it does not work here... is there anotyer button for keyboard light?
  8. hi, in asus n53sv notebook it doesn't work. My dsdt has this section : Scope (_SB) { Name (ATKP, Zero) Device (ATKD) { Name (_HID, "PNP0c14") Name (_UID, "ATK") Name (ATKQ, Package (0x10) {... so it should work. Any help? Mal
  9. hi, do you know if it works also for N53SV and G73SW?
  10. any news on audio resume after sleep? Thanks!
  11. manmal

    GT 540M kext

    may anyone please update the links/info about such optimus switch tech on osx topic here in this thread? Thanks!
  12. thank you crunk, it works but audio does not work any more after resuming from sleep...can you help me fixing it? Thanks!
  13. any chance to see a trackpad panel with gestures like true macbookpro?
  14. i have both hd3000 and gt540m (1gb) ...strange , if you an i7 cpu, that you don't have hd3000 graphics. It's embedded in intel hm65 chipset for laptops.
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