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  1. Can you please update the Bios with the new Ozmosis files? By the way, it works great!
  2. Eine Frage, wie lange hat die Bestellung gedauert? Musste man das Teil beim Zoll abholen? Steuern Zahlen? ? Ich will mir auch eins bestellen, aber diese Fragen konnte mir noch keiner beantworten
  3. Version 2.0


    Install these two kexts to get full support of your AMD 7850! (AMD7000Controller.kext, AMDRadeonX4000.kext) Works great on Mavericks, Lion not tested. Please give some feedback, if you succeed!
  4. Btw. I used it on 10.8 Mountain Lion, so you can change the status from unknown to yes!
  5. Works perfectly my Gigabyte GA-Z77-D3H! At least the first working patch without any problems! I have to thank you 1000x, you are my hero!
  6. Got the same problem like @clickmikes with GA-Z77-D3H (VT2021) Any solution?
  7. I tryed the U{censored}/MB{censored} installation too. I get random Kernel panics after installing the Voodoo driver. It's because of my 64bit system. When started in 32bit mode no kernel panics occur.. I think more and more people will buy a mobo like ours, so a real VIA driver are close.. we need to be patient. Lately I turned off the sound at the moment.
  8. I used this one: http://www.osx86.net/view/2746-voodoohda_2.7.4_pkg_installer.html and Bridgehelper for the new Kernel http://www.{censored}.com/GYAdrDe6P1cZdIbL/BridgeHelper-5.0.0.zip
  9. First attempt and instant success with this motherboard, everything just works fine! Hardware: Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-Z77-D3H <-- iATKOS L2 boots to installer without any problems CPU: Intel i7 2600k <-- Fully supported Memory: 4 GB Ram DDR3 1333MHz <-- Fully recognized Audio: On board VIA VT2021 <-- Fully works with VoodooHDA from MB{censored} 4.5.2 Network: On board Atheros GbE Lan <-- Fully supported with MB{censored} 4.5.2 Graphic: Gigabyte Nvidia GTS450 <-- Works out of the box! Software used: iAtkos L2 (10.7.2) Combo update 10.7.4 MB{censored} 4.5.2 Lion edition -------------- Booted from iATKOS L2, installed on a GUID Harddisk Installed the MacOSX 10.7.4 combo update, without rebooting started the MB{censored} 4.5.2 Lion edition. At MB{censored} I used easybeast option + VoodooHDA latest edition + Atheros driver Rebooted and well, everything just works fine!
  10. My problem: I can boot into 10.6.8 but when I try to start a programme or app it crashes.. Only Safari and all other system software works but no other app like chrome etc. when I boot with the modbin iso everything works fine.. maybe some wrong preferences choosed at chameleon, but which should I use? thanks for helping me!
  11. everything worked fine, but after installing 10.6.7 update my mouse and keyboard doesnt work anymore.. maybe the usb is not recognized anymore.. any solution?
  12. dogru.. ne bokmus bu?
  13. Dear XoVox,

    I recently followed Mialaments Installation guide from retail DVD and Got my d630 working on the base 10.6.0 system.

    I could not upgrade to 10.6.2 due to the sleepenabler kext not working(something about incorrect install).

    If was use the "iUpgrade 10.6.5" do you think i should upgrade in sequence 10.6.2 , 10.6.3, 10.6.4 then finally to 10.6.5(iUpgrade) ? or just do the 10.6.5 iUpgrade ? just wonder because you stated the 10.6.4 fixed the USB bug

    quoting you ---->

    >after download the apple update install it

    >and after set finish dont restart

    >and backup this two kexts to safe place





    >then put this two old kext on extensions and make pfix from terminal


    >if you didnt do this you will lose usb ithink release of 10.5 kernel will fix usb bug so no need >for this but now you must do this



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