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  1. Thanks Man. Your kexts works like a charm !! Its got better performance than Netkas kexts. Good job.
  2. Version 1.0


    MacMan's enhanced kernel for 10.7.4 that adds Ivy Bridge CPU support. Enjoy Guys if you have Ivy Bridge now in Hackintosh..
  3. Version 1.0


    Jailbreak iOS 5.0.1 Untethered On iPhone, iPad, iPod touch (A4 Devices) Now Using Redsn0w 0.9.10b2 / Corona:)
  4. @regae, So At last I have installed the Lion on my beast. But the graphics and mouse movement is slow very slow. But I am getting 1080p resulation as you know lion kexts of 5k and 6k support. I have copied i386 to the usr, but no luck slow like slowmotion. please advise... I am almost there by the help of you. I am really appriciate that. Thanks In advance
  5. @regae No luck my friend...same error... and when I get into the installation screen the mouse and the display is slow like sow motion...dont know why... ASUS P8P67 WITH 2600K AND 5870 CARDS
  6. @regae Ok.. Here is the way I make the installer for lion # mount lion dmg in my 10.6.7 SL # brows the hidden file by show file app base system # restore base system in one of my partition (After restore it become system restore) # from system >installation > dlete packages shortcut # copy the package folder from the mount dmg lion installer Now replace the IOSinstall.mpkg the link u gave me. Make the boot USB from ANdy chameleon installer. boot from the usb bootloader, install lion kext package at the same boot drive(USB) ....install start.....select another partition for installation. after middle of the installation its says " An error occur during installation" and "Installa Fail" Restart. Thats I am getting both of lion installer Lion preview 1 and 2 both. Can you give me the solution now? Please... Sorry for my worst English"
  7. Tried.... replace with the patched ISOInstaller but no luck... Install fail and Error.
  8. @Regae@Thanks for your help... Is that suggestion for DV2? and the osinstall.mpkg is for Lion DV2? Please advise. Thanks in advance
  9. Can you make a installer package of this ? Please ...I really dont know how to use these files...Thanks
  10. Andy, I have a question... Why I cannot finalize the Lion Installation? in the middle its says an Error and Install fail. And also all the motion of the computer is slow like hell. cant even move the mouse ..its slow motion... I have build the Lion installer as it should be also tried with the Checked out patched OSInstall.mpkg but no luck with sandy bridge Asus P8P67 with 2600k and 5870 vdo card. But your custom pack for 10.6.7 was still running like a charm... I will check every day of your solution for this please advise... thanks in advance Shantonu
  11. Thanks Sandy!! I will give a try as soon I go back home from the office. I had couple of request for this bootloaders. Is this going to work with ASUS P8P67 WITH 2600K AND 5870 CARDS? Please advise. You are the man of Sany as I know you first invent a package for sandy and I uploaded in this forum that you have noticed. Thanks Man...Thanks a lot!!
  12. Hi Andy, I am really in trouble. tried a lot of things cant finalize the 10.7 lion in P8P67 2600k and 5870 card. Please please help me with any suggestion. Ios installmpkg modified but no luck, But your P8P67 BOOT LOADER FOR OSX 10.6.7 runs like a charm.

    Please help me my friend.



  13. Install Fail again with the mpkg file ... no improbve...no luck to install in Sandy Brodge P8P67 mobo , 2600k cpu and 5870 ati card. Any suggestion ? how to do that?
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