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  1. tuanpekoe

    iASL & Intel ACPI Tools x64

    Thanks so much I'll be here and waiting for new version Anyone have issue with empty Summary window, try this: https://bitbucket.org/RehabMan/os-x-maciasl-patchmatic/downloads
  2. tuanpekoe

    iASL & Intel ACPI Tools x64

    Hi Moorre, Do you have version of 6/2015?
  3. Hi ppgghhgg, Thank for your shares I saw you have a file HFSPlus.efi (date build 6/17/2013). Could you tell me where you got it
  4. tuanpekoe

    Fix Find My Mac For Clover

    Nice tool. It worked perfectly with me
  5. tuanpekoe

    Clover Configurator

    Thank you It worked like a charm.
  6. tuanpekoe

    Clover Configurator

    Hello Mackie100 I have used tool "clover configurator 3.1". But i can't find "NoCaches" option. I need boot to OSX without caches. Thank
  7. It worked on my laptop Asus K45A-VX229 with HD4000
  8. tuanpekoe

    Atheros AR9485

    You can buy a USB Wireless. Example Tenda W211M. It's very cheap and good working with Mountain Lion
  9. tuanpekoe

    ati mobility radeon hd 5145

    It not work. No QE/CI . i'm running 10.8.2.
  10. Version 1.0


    - This VoodooHDA fix for bad sound. - Use Kext Utility to install .
  11. tuanpekoe


    Thank for share ^^
  12. tuanpekoe


    What card wifi this kext support ?
  13. tuanpekoe

    WIFI AR9285

    it is work very good! thank