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  1. There's no support for Intel wireless cards in OS X/macOS whatsoever and never will be until Apple decide to fit Intel cards to their computers (if ever! 😝 ). Support for (some) Atheros cards stops at High Sierra. Note that Apple dropped support for those in Mojave but Aheros cards that were previously supported in High Sierra may still be supported by installing Atheros40 kext from say 10.13.6. As for Broadcom BCM943142Y (14e4:4365), that's also unsupported afaik so you've probably ordered that for nothing... Oups! 'better do your research and opt for a model that's known to be compatible from the onset like DW1830 or DW1560. You may check a (non-exhaustive) list of compatible devices here.
  2. RV_ABZ

    ATI Radeon X1300 and Mac OS X Leopard graphical problems

    It's been a few years but I once ran Snow Leopard with a PCIe x16 Radeon HD X1300 card on my old 2007 Dell Vostro 200 ST (G35 chipset, FSB1333 C2D 64bit CPU). Initially had to fickle with it to to work properly until I installed a later version a Chameleon that fully supported it. Try Chameleon versions r2170 up to r2468. https://osxlatitude.com/forums/topic/2032-dell-vostro-200-snow-leopardlionmountain-lionmavericks/ https://osxlatitude.com/forums/topic/1579-lion-on-dell-optiplex-755-with-radeon-x1300-128-mb/?do=findComment&comment=15302 https://osxlatitude.com/forums/topic/1579-lion-on-dell-optiplex-755-with-radeon-x1300-128-mb/?do=findComment&comment=16970 This being said, this is 2018 so iDeneb, Leopard and your Pentium 4-based Dimension 4600 are totally obsolete, long past their sell-by-date...
  3. RV_ABZ

    Help Please ATI HD 5450/5000 series

    It would help if you stated what you've done so far and posted a zipped copy of your Clover EFI folder. Last time I played with a similar card (a Radeon HD 5430 (1002:68e1) on an HP laptop) in pre-Sierra days, I got it working through Clover with the following Graphics settings: Inject EDID Load VBIOS Inject ATI ATI framebuffer Orangutan Radeon HD 5450 is handled through the following ATI/AMD controller and accelerator kexts under Mavericks: AMD5000Controller AMDRadeonX3000 The controller kext already contains the PCI id for the Radeon HD 54x0 (1002:68e1) but not the accelerator. In order for the latter to load for the card, it is necessary to patch its Info.plist file to replace PCI id 1002:68e0 by 1002:68e1 under the AMDCedarGraphicsAccelerator personality, i.e. Before: <key>AMDCedarGraphicsAccelerator</key> <dict> [...] <key>IOPCIMatch</key> <string>0x68E01002</string> [...] </dict> After: <key>AMDCedarGraphicsAccelerator</key> <dict> [...] <key>IOPCIMatch</key> <string>0x68E11002</string> [...] </dict> If Orangutan framebuffer does not work, try the other FBs from the Clover list (using Clover Configurator app). Good luck!
  4. RV_ABZ

    Dell Latitude e6500 help

    Nope, there is no support whatsoever for all flavours of GMA4500; never was, never will be. Seems you got confused with GMA950/GMA X3100... Bottom line is E6500 with Intel graphics is no good as a Hackintosh. Only the nVidia version (Quadro NVS 160M) is suitable.
  5. RV_ABZ

    Snow Leopard on a pretty old laptop...

    As already answered at IM, this 2003 hardware is totally obsolete, even for SL.
  6. RV_ABZ

    Yosemite Nvidia 9400Gt blues...

    GeForce 9400GT works OOB. Forget that distro and make a full vanilla installation with Clover or Enoch. If you still need support, start by providing your system's specs.
  7. Si tu veux une carte combo wifi/bluetooth fonctionnelle à 100% et nativement, opte pour une carte Apple Broadcom sur adaptateur PCIe. Par exemple, une carte BCM94360CD ou BCP94331CD. Voir ici.
  8. RV_ABZ

    Snow Leopard on Dell Precision 670?

    Running 10.10.5 Ok with Bronya's latest AMD kernel 10.10.5. :-)
  9. RV_ABZ

    OS X 10.11 El Capitan pre-releases

    Try and replace your current DNS by Google's May (but may not) speed up downloads...
  10. Wouldn't it be much better to discuss an Arrandale-based Dell Optiplex 980 desktop's potentials as a Hackintosh in a separate/dedicated thread rather than pollute an Haswell-based Asus 510L laptop-related thread?
  11. RV_ABZ

    OS X 10.11 El Capitan pre-releases

    No problems with this one; seems to install much easier than the last 2 DB versions.
  12. RV_ABZ

    OS X 10.11 El Capitan pre-releases

    All looking good with Enoch (r2725 and above) and boot option rootless=0... ? ?
  13. Wireless mini PCI Express cards; those you find fitted to laptops... ? ?
  14. RV_ABZ

    OS X 10.11 El Capitan pre-releases

    Trouble is when you need to patch kexts from SLE like AppleHDA or graphics kexts (AzulFB, HD5000Graphics, DBW, etc.) ...?
  15. RV_ABZ

    kernel for lapic native 10.11.x

    For my Haswell system, I patch 10.11 kernels as per Yosemite's using Rehabman's published findings (in the link you posted) and it works fine. Assuming you've done the same, it'll be Ok.