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  1. have the same problem. AMD Phenom x4. Graphic card is Geforce 210 Silent (work with cuda drivers + graphic enabler=y).
  2. ??? ? ??, ?????? ??? ??? ?????? ??? ??????????? ???? ?? 10.6.8?
  3. hello. you better use hazard 10.6.2-10.6.3 and check only on of kext in everyone kind of hardware. Or better dont chech anything dont forget to check only bootloader chameleon and kernel (legacy) as i remember. And this is all. Try it.
  4. @VampireMI2 @Wastez After installing this kernel, as I see, Mac Os booting with 64 mode. But, Safari works great only with 32 mode (plugins dont work with 64). As for cpuids, Marvin Amd Utility dont wont to work after update 10.6.5 O_O Something wrong with quicktime. He is also dont want to run in 32 mode, but in 64 mode stoping on process "Loading file".
  5. Safari 5.0.3 crashing with this kernel. Any ideas?
  6. Tnx!!!!!! on AMD works great!
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