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  1. spectr

    VoodooHDA (for ALC662)

    Works HDMI ?
  2. spectr


    After installation got an error getCPUIDinfo:this is an unknown CPU model 0x3a
  3. spectr

    Chameleon Wizard 4.2.2

    vmware fusion use vt-d
  4. spectr

    Chameleon Wizard 4.2.2

    vmware fusion uses VT-d
  5. spectr

    Chameleon Wizard 4.2.2

    I need VT-d and VT-x any alternative ?
  6. spectr

    Help! iATKOS ML3U Won't install

    Your system is a EFI system ?
  7. spectr

    VoodooHDA 2.8.4

    Support HDMI sound ?
  8. spectr

    VoodooHDA_2.8.2d6 hdmi work

    VoodooHDAEnableVolumeChangeFix=true on Info.plist to correct
  9. spectr

    VoodooHDA_2.8.2d6 hdmi work

    Thanks!!, but i hope volume control on HMI sound.
  10. spectr

    9500 gt display problem

    Add your Graphics card ID in NVDANV50Hal.kext and repair permissions and caches
  11. spectr

    NVInject (32-/64-bit)

    Hi, doesn't work on 10.6.8 + Nvidia
  12. spectr


    Hi, Works on 10.6.8 + Nvidia card ? Thanks!!
  13. spectr

    Fixed 10.6.8 Nvidia Driver for 9500gt/GT 120

    Hi itarusenju, This drivers don`t work with my Zotac 9500GT 1GB video cards. Can i need something aditional options to work ? Thanks!!
  14. Can someone help me ? Help for Install CUDA drivers on SL 10.6.3 with 9500GT.
  15. spectr

    9500GT/GT 120 Fixed Driver Mac

    SL 10.6.8