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  1. So my hackintosh rig that ran almost perfectly on Sierra, with an i3 2120, was upgraded with an i7 2600k. Since then, it has been extremely unstable. A lot of times it wont boot, it will either KP out, or just shut down. Clover tends to freeze when I select 'boot verbose' so I can see whats going on. When it does boot, sometimes it works fine, but then within a couple of days it will start freaking out...email wont open due to a network issue, it wont load pages saying the dns is incomplete or whatever message. It did this after I overclocked to 4.4GHz, so I figured it was not liking the OC. okay, so I set it back to stock and it ran ok for a little while, then started doing the same things. I have nullcpupowermanagement.kext installed in the clover kexts folder for 10.12, but it loads intel anyway, and throttling does work... SMC sensors. This morning I started to do some homework, and it started not connecting and lagging bad. So I rebooted it, and it wont boot. I pulled the power plug out and held the power button for 30 seconds, just in case. Still wont boot. Tried multiple times, and wont boot. It keeps shutting down when it gets to the last part before the graphics load. So I think I have it narrowed down to the graphics.... but what I don't get is why its doing this all of a sudden. specs Asus P8Z68V-LE motherboard Intel i7 2600k 3.5GHz (don't have it overclocked unless I'm gaming in Windows) 24GB DDR3 memory Mac OS Sierra 12.12.3 ( I believe, cant boot it to check, it could possibly be .4) on a Samsung 120GB SSD CLOVER bootloader Windows 10 Professional on a 120GB Kingston SSD Geforce GTX 570 1GB even overclocked, after running Prime 95 all night, the highest temperature it hit was 67c, so at stock speeds I know that it is not overheating or anything. Thinking it needs a reinstall of Sierra, as the OS was a reimage from a test hard drive I installed and configured it on. Thoughts?
  2. So I have quite the odd error. I have Yosemite up and running on Clover. Everything is running beautifully. well, it boots a bit slow, even though its booting UEFI, but thats another problem for another day. Today, this is about iMessage.? ? It will send and receive regular TEXT messages, but NOT iMessages. I sent a test message to my mom, who has an iPhone also, and it forced it to a text. Which is better than what it was doing last night,...... which was sending texts, but not receiving responses.? Messed with clover a bit, with the RTVariables, and seem to have fixed something. I have a working iMessages in my Mavericks install, with NVRAM, and I attempted to input that information, but obviously its not flying.? ? Not sure whether I should post my config.plist here.....
  3. reads perfectly, just double checked. I'm just wondering because it didn't do it on my previous install. and, oddly enough, the eject button doesn't work on the keyboard anymore. i have an apple keyboard. it worked on my previous install. nothing too big just a little 'thats weird'
  4. so my hack is up running beautifully. am even running on vanilla power management, and its been running better since i removed nullcpupowermanagement and let OSX handle it. cant monitor cpu temps for some reason though. ? anyway, only bone i got to pick is the dvd drive will randomly cycle, and i haven't been able to find anything about that. it works, but it will blink and cycle, even without a cd in the drive. i don't know if its a bad thing, its just a tad weird. ? should i be concerned?
  5. okay so now everything works except iMessage, which wants me to call apple. lovely. lol
  6. heres the smbios. if this isn't allowed i apologize.? ?
  7. got it reloaded, but now iMessage, the App Store, and iCloud don't work. app store says my system cannot be identified.? ? When the celebrity iCloud stuff got hacked, the iMessage on this Hack went down, and I had to call apple to have them enable it. they did, but were very confused because the serial number was a general one, not a specific one. So I'd like to get everything working again without the need to call them.? I'm looking through the downloads for a new boot loader, so I can install this FileNVRAM.dylib thats supposed to trick the computer into registering with apple, but my extra folder doesn't have a modules folder. and I can't find any new versions of chameleon, only clover.? ? I can't believe its this hard now.... when I set this up first time, before all the celebrity hacks, everything ran OOTB. everything. I know I'm being stupid, and I'm missing something, thank you for putting up with me, I'd buy y'all a beer or 10 if you were near by.?
  8. ok so i messed something up in terminal and it stopped failing at gpt check. so i took the graphics drivers off the USB install disk, and got into the install screen. starting fresh. good thing I had JUST GOTTEN done backing up my important data to a USB drive. so I lost no data, just time. first time using {censored} software...lets see if it works. at this point I just want it working... haha.? ? is there some kind of issue with the 10.9.5 update that kills hackintoshes? haven't read any.... but either way, this is a lesson of why you always have a system image backed up ready to deploy. oh well...
  9. ok so heres what I don't get.... I deleted geforce.kext from s/l/e/ so I could ?try to get back int the OS so ?I could reinstall the combo update to fix anything it corrupted when it froze, and the screen still goes black. I'm confused... I've booted it VESA before. ? I've always gone without a custom DSDT..... never understood it too well, and a generic dsdt for the p5k seemed to work. I'll look into adding your edits.? ? ? and boot loader is Chameleon v2.2 r2258 (08-22-2013)
  10. sure enough, takes a couple beers to get creative. I flashed the BIOS with a custom one I found on this site, I can now enable AHCI, and it finds the hard drive. NOW, however, it boots, and the screen goes blank. *sigh*.
  11. okay, so I screwed up pretty good, like a noob. I updated my mavericks install to 10.9.5 from 10.9.4. It just FROZE at the end of the update, with less than a minute remaining. ? let it sit for 2 hours, nothing. so I crossed my fingers and shut off the system. windows 10 still boots, but OSX doesn't. It gets the dreaded root device error. and MacDrive isn't supported in windows 10 yet!!! ? I booted into my aging Ubuntu live cd, read only. I got U{censored} and made a usb install on my MacBook pro. no dice. I got it to where it will boot into the usb installer, but will not see any hard drives. I disabled hiding on my MacBook, and put the ioata kexts and injectors into the extra folder, but no dice. still won't read it. I'm royally screwed, aren't I? Or am I going to have to use my Macbooks old hard drive with snow leopard, and use it to?get back into my mavericks install? ?I'm really tempted to just make a Yosemite install usb, but its almost out, and I know the beta will deactivate itself. Lets just say new osx86 is pretty foreign to me... I'm still stuck on snow leopard days with Nawcom utilities and all. It took forever to get mavericks installed and running like a champ. I'm sure Yosemite will be even more stubborn. ? go easy on me? lol... ? motherboard is an Asus P5K, CPU is a Q6600. Oh, and in order for the installer to even boot, I need to have it at stock clock speeds. Overclocking causes a reboot, for some reason
  12. solved... i installed on my late 2008 macbook pro, then transferred hard drive to unsupported macbook, ran MLPostfactor, and it runs GREAT,?
  13. slight update... i went ahead and backed the stuff up anyway to a folder on the desktop, and went to install the update. im getting a javascript error. "cannot be installed due to an error while evaluating the javascript".? ? i saw that error a couple times on Snow Leopard, and even on Tiger, on my old G3 iBook. Never could figure it out. reloading a few times did the trick. any way to do it without reloading, or am I kind of on my own here, running 10.8 on an unsupported system?
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