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  1. ? ? Sweet thanks guys, I have not tried a PS/2 mouse and keyboard yet but I did try installing from 10.6.3 DVD and at last it worked ! Although I had to manually remove all my other drives since I couldn't boot directly into the DVD , I managed to plug in the drive right when the DVD booted and installed from there (: Got it updated to 10.6.8 but a little afraid of updating to Lion and maybe later on to ML. What do you guys think?
  2. Aw man, so does that mean I can't even install ML on my pc? Bummer, It isn't the keyboard I already tried switching keyboards !
  3. So I managed to make a USB Bootable version of iAtkos ML2 as well as a bootable iAtkos L2 DVD. Neither are working on my pc. I get different problems at random occasions. Sometimes it says "Operating System not found" while others get stuck on Apple Boot Logo. When I get the first screen where it asks to push any key to continue or I believe F11 or some other F(?) , it doesn't allow me to use my keyboard therefor I can't even set a boot option like -x or -v. I really believe this is a bios error or something although I have fiddled with my bios all day long with all combinations for SATA AHCI. Please Help.? ? Heres my rig: ? Mobo: Tyan S5396 ? CPU: Dual Xeon x5450s ? RAM: 16gb Kingston DDR2 ? GPU: AMD Radeon HD 6850 1GB
  4. Same here ! Please someone fix the 4313 kext for lion !
  5. I seen those two threads already and neither method works for Os X Lion 10.7.1
  6. I see alot of people have this Wireless Card Broadcom Bcm4313 aka Dw1501 and they are asking if anyone could get it working for Mac OS X . Please can someone help us ! Also i am running Mac OS X LION 10.7.1 installed using iAtkos L1.
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