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  1. Ok, I've been scouring this and other forums trying to find fixes, and I'm starting to feel info overload. Any help would be greatly appreciated. MoBo: Gigabyte GA-Z68X-UD3H-B3 (BIOS: F3) using the integrated video and sound Intel i7-2600K 8GB DDR3 1333 RAM (took out 4 during install) 120GB SSD w/ Win7 60GB SSD w/ OSX 10.6.8 NZXT Phantom case Unplugged all drives & installed Win7. Swapped SSD drives & installed SL via iB{censored} + MB{censored} ----Never got a Welcome Video - odd. Also, checking Repair Permissions in System Utilities caused a KP. Had to use Update Helper as 10.6.8 Update kept causing a KP. Used Custom DSDT from tony's download page. Followed idd's steps and finally got audio to work out my rear panel. Dual Boot works fine. Yay. Here's where everything's getting frustrating: 10.6.8- No front panel audio (more annoyance than issue) connected with AC'97 as HD audio wire wouldn't reach. Firewire port's not working even though it is being seen in SysProfiler Airport isn't seen at all. Tried Lnx2Mac & Realtek Gigabit's kexts which didn't work. And suddenly anything plugged in under Marvell's SATA won't recognize (such as my cd/dvd drive). Boot takes an extremely long time too. Win7- No f/r panel audio sound at all. Sees the device, knows when I plug in & which port, shows waveform & working speaker icon, but no audio whatsoever. I've uninstalled, reinstalled, rolled back, and updated all drivers. Same issue with Marvell's SATA. And, I'm trying to get my onboard video card to show more res in SL as I need at least 1280 for FCP install. & I don't want to go to Lion as I've heard nothing but compatibility issues w/ FCP. (Which is really the main thing I want the hackintosh for) I've been trying to look through kexts.com, but trying to search for anything is nearly impossible (for me at anyrate). Followed a link http://www.kexts.com/view/1292-dsdt_auto-patcher_gigabyte_z68.html for the Post Intstallation folder in the Z68 Auto Patcher, but that's a dead end. Any Thoughts?! Any help would be great.
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