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  1. I,ve fitted a evga gtx 660 card. Moved from ati. Yosemite,s own drivers came up at around 50fps on Cinebench. With web drivers icreased to 60+. So they worked for me. Brill. Also using smbios mac pro 3.1 off {censored}.
  2. Tried a few installers. This one works a treat. 10.10 dp4 working well. Thanks a bunch.
  3. Thankyou for this. Working on asus p67 sabertooth snowleopard 10.6.8.
  4. This worked for me. Mountain Lion. asus p7p55d le. After sleep mode fine. Restarted then got mobo reset. After this kext everything great now. No reset. Thanks.
  5. Same mobo. Works great. Mountain Lion. Thanks.
  6. Works fine for me. asus sabertooth p67.Using on snow leopard. Havent tried without my dsdt.
  7. Works for me. Been waiting a longtime for a fix like this. Thank you very much.P7p55dle.
  8. Facetime working for me but icloud saying something about (Cannot use account. Gone over my limit).Or something like that. Thanks.
  9. Booting lion very well. Noticed now that onboard audio is coming up on about this mac.This is the first time I have seen this EVER on my hack. With different voodoohda 0.21 to 2.72 it tells me different things. I have a via audio chip on asus p7p55d le. lion 10.7.1. Can anybody explain please. Great work.
  10. No more bios reset for me after wake when restart pc. P7P55D LE. The reset was getting on my nerves. Thanks.
  11. It worked for me. Cpu read wrong. Graphics very low score on cinebench.
  12. Well my score increased slightly using cinebench from 29 fps to 32.50 fps. so alls well. Thanks. xfx hd 5770.
  13. Dont know why others weren't working, but this one best by far. Softraid boots now.
  14. ASUS p7p55dle is my mobo. Fakesmc version 405, jmicronx36 sata, SMCITEController kext(for use with istat pro) in extra folder. Lin2mac rtl81xxx for network. Voodoo hda powercable for audio in s/l/e. DSDT NOT REQ. Bios version 2003. Sleep works great. I know its not usb3 or sata3 but it is ATX. Room for 16 gb ddr3 10600. i3,i5,i7 . Intel 1156.
  15. Ive been having trouble booting my snow leopard soft raid drives even with kernal flags in com.appleboot.plist.
  16. working on lion well. Only prob I have is I cannot boot into snowleopard. Softraidx3drives. But good job. All been working hard. Thanx.
  17. Works great. Alot easier with all the new builds.
  18. working well on asus p7p55d le. i3 530. Graphics Enabled.
  19. Working now. Installed in efi partition. Great work. Where do I stick the kernal commands e.g use kernal cache.
  20. For some reason fake smc not loading for me. Going back to 820.
  21. Still working for me. Just glad I dont have to use my memory stick anymore. I will be trying every lion bootloader until things calm down. Best one for me so far.
  22. Working great on p7p55d le. i3 530. Memory reading great. Installed in efi partition. Using evoreboot,FakeSmc, voodoohda powercable, jmicronx36 ata+ sata and linux2mac rtl for internet. Wish it would work like snow leopard. Just using dsdt free solution like on {censored}s web site(fake smc+plugins voodoo hda and linux2mac)Thats it.
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