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  1. http://www.{censored}.com/graphics/113137-haswell-mavericks-gtx-760-running-max.html Try this. ? Try these flags. ?-v PCIRootUID=0 GraphicsEnabler=No npci=0x2000 dart=0 busratio=165 (I believe the 1100t's busratio is 16.5 but I could be wrong)
  2. The first time I booted into 10.9.3 it was EXTREMELY sluggish but after that first boot it seemed just fine. ?I'm glad you were able to get it to work.
  3. This is what I did. -Make sure that I have a working Nerish/Mac OSX USB/DVD installer. -Download the Combo Update -Download the kernel (in Windows 7) -Install the Combo update. (The update will make you reboot your computer before it installs so trying to replace the kernel after the install will be impossible with other means) -Boot into Windows 7 -Open/Install the 5 Day trial of MacDrive -Delete and replace the Kexts. ?(You have to delete the kexts first as they are folders in windows) -Delete, replace, and rename the Kernel to mack_kernel -Boot into OS X installer -Open up disc util -Repair the Nerish Disc -Boot using -v (just incase of a hang you can see where it stopped) ? Note that the first boot into the update will be a little slow. ?If it doesn't boot ie hangs, try booting with -x. ?What happens if you don't use the flag CPUS=1 or try CPUS=8 as I believe that's an 8 core CPU? ?Boot with your busratio too. ?N{censored}'s version of Chameleon already uses those boot flags automatically that you use so you shouldn't need to use them (unless you're using clover as I think clover doesn't use all of them.) ?If you're using clover, hit 2 at the screen right after the Bios screen. ?The one that says "Boot" or something. ?You'll boot into chameleon. ?I calculated your Busration to being 20. ?Mine is 14.5 and I had to add the flag "busratio=145" to fix a couple issues with sleep, clock speed, and buggy/sound stutter.
  4. Actually I'm using N{censored} and it's running fine with this new kernel. ?No boot flags required other than the ones already in use.?
  5. 3,150 downloads

    This is an updated version of http://www.osx86.net/files/file/1934-voodoohda-2-7-3-edited-for-via-vt1708s/?st=10#commentsStart Make sure to change your <key>IOPCIPrimaryMatch</key> <string>XxXXXXXXXX</string> to yours or else it will not work. Things to note before saying it's not working: Skippy/stuttery/jumpy audio! Try calculating your busratio and then use the boot flag "busratio=xx" xx being your busratio. My busratio is 14.5 so mine would look like "busratio=145" Theres static in the background! Open up Audio Midi Setup (Applications>Utilities>Audio MIDI Setup) and change the format from 44100Hz to another. The kext isn't loading! Make sure that you have changed the string for IOPCIPrimaryMatch to your own! It's still not working! http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/267905-voodoohda-common-problems/ If this works on older version of OS X let me know and I'll update the Compatibility list. I have been trying to fix the bug where you change both the rear mic, rear/front speaker with the slider. I recommend using the front Mic as it doesn't change with the volume slider.
  6. AMD Hackintosh on 10.9.3! Runs like a charm with no issues!

  7. I updated to 10.9.3 from 10.9.0 directly, then installed the new kernel and kexts from windows, booted into a USB Mavericks installer, then from there fixed permissions, and then booted into mavericks and all seems in order. ?Thank you very much for this kernel, it works great!
  8. I can confirm that this works on Mavericks 10.9.0. ?I'm a little scared on updating my AMD machine. ?Also it's great for my ASUS M4A78LT-M board. ?It's the only kext I have found that works with crystal clear audio and no delay (All the ones I tried have major audio stutter and messing with the MIDI settings wouldn't work.) ?All ports seem to be in order. ?As the uploader says, it's required to change the IOPCIPrimaryMATCH as the uploader already has one preset. ? [EDIT] ?So the rear mic port and the rear speaker port are both controller by the speaker slider using every kext I try. ?Is there a way to fix this?
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