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  1. PLEASE GIVE CREDIT- osx86Tools!! Anyone can verify by downloading osx86tools ->show package contents -> Resources/ most of these files plus some ATi. It was nice for you to post, but not nice to "Give Perception" of this being your work.

  2. DPCIManager

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    "Dutch to English translation

    GB With this file you can see your hardware in Mac OS X. You look your chipset, audio, graphics e.d.

    With thesis app AND you-can see your hardware in Mac OS X. You see your chipset, audio, graphic card e.d"

    SOMEONE REKINNED HARDWARE INFO APP ?2007 Duddie, about info is same and so is the version # v0.1

  3. Kext Helper B7

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    Dutch to English translation

    "This is the kext helper B7 saw that he was not here and I thought it useful"

    It Loads Kexts, Repairs Permissions, Clears Cache, nifty in a pinch. I prefer osx86tools or kext utility.

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