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    Forum Rules
    Treat other members with the respect they deserve. This should go without saying, treat others like you would like to be treated!
    This forum is maintained by volunteers in their free time. Consider this before double posting or bumping your thread.
      Be mindful of the language you use on the forum, as some of our members may be younger than others. The guest or member at fault may receive a warning.
      Insulting, "flaming", or personal attacks against anyone will not be tolerated and the guest or member will receive a warning.
    Continued violations can lead to a Temporary or Permanent Ban.
      The International Section in this forum is there to allow visitors and members to post in their native language, and are encouraged to utilize this valuable resource.
    English is the default language in the other sections.
      Spamming will not be tolerated! You will be banned permanently, no exceptions.
      Please do not post threads text in all CAPITALS, as this is considered to be shouting and is not necessary.
      When posting or uploading files:
    - Keep your posts concise and to the point.
    - Use the Quote Button when copying other Members' posts.
    - When posting extended amounts of text, such as plists, log files. etc: Use the code BBcode tag so the text in
      question is easier to read. For even larger amounts of text, use the spoiler Special BBcode or attach it as a file.
    - Add acknowledgments/credits to all contributors.
    - Upload your screenshots to ShareBin and use the "OSx86.net Code"
      Absolutely no posting, linking or discussing warez and other illegal content. Any and all links to such content will be omitted, and the member or guest will receive a warning.
      Before opening a new thread, use the Forum Search to try and find an already existing thread for your issue. Often times, your issue may already be solved, and by doing this, you will save time and effort.
      Do not post requests for help in someone else’s thread; either scan the thread for a solution (if your problem is related), or open up a new topic for your issue.
    This is referred to as “Hijacking a Thread”. Moderators will usually ask you to open a new topic, but the guest or member may receive a warning.
    Continued violations can lead to a Temporary or Permanent Ban.
      Posting, discussing or linking to {censored}.com and his "tools" are not allowed. It is disabled and will be censored.
      We actively support the Hackintosh Developers, without them there would be no Hackintosh’s!
    Do not modify, upload, post links (other then the Developer’s), claim work as your own, not give proper credit, or violate any licenses or copyrights, without express permission of the developer.
    Violations will be Strictly Enforced, Content will be removed and a Warning and Temporary or Permanent Ban will be given!
      We view the Hackintosh as an experimental open source project, for the sole purpose of learning and fun. Posting, discussing or helping with N{censored} and other Distro's are allowed, however, they will be censored. We do not support any “Tools” or “Distros” who try to make profit out of it or without giving proper credits to the Developers. We highly encourage members to use Vanilla Methods for install.
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