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  1. macfunapple

    ASUS N71JQ DSDT.aml

    this dsdt is asus n71jq?
  2. my nVidia Geforce Quadro 4000 Services Type is Unknown,fix?
  3. thank you wdx30022,my Asus n71jq video card is ati 5730, try it.
  4. macfunapple

    ASUS P8H67

    this dsdt.aml sound is working?
  5. ????????boot?????823????????????????????qq346007326
  6. macfunapple

    HELP! hd6950 2gb

    my ati radeon 6950 bios flash to 6970, it device ID is 6917,but don't work.
  7. macfunapple


    H67MA D2H B3 REV 1.1 don't working?
  8. my mainboard is SuperMicro X8DAL-I, thsi is alc883 working?
  9. macfunapple


  10. ????sandy bridge i5 2300 P67A UD3R B3?iB{censored}???????????????????????kernel????
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