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  1. I can confirm that the Chameleon boot setting described above works with the (unaltered) RT2860 drivers from the Ralink website on Lion 10.7.1 running on an HP Firebird 803. I used -- and recommend -- Chameleon Wizard.
  2. hi I have m1530 I want ask to you: your trackpad preferences open in 64bit mode? mine not. Two fingers scroll works, tap also but the panel open only in 32 bit mode....can you send me the kext you used? and another thing...I have modded trackpad pref pane both in S/L/E that in /Library/preferencepane...Do you have the original trackpad in S/L/Prefp ? I deleted mine and I have only the modded One...If you use the original can you send it to me? thank you

  3. Gesture version works great on Dell XPS M1530, running Lion. Thanks!
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