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  1. Asus G552JX Functional Clover installs and upgrades tested on OSX 10.11.3 Screenshoots Specification's What's Working and Known Issue's Installation Updating Thats it. now you can enjoy your new hackintosh run on your Asus ROG GL552JX. Thank you. Oh for the Known Issue/Not Working section, hope anyone can help to solve my problem.
  2. please redownload for this v.1.0.3, good luck to make manual installation mac osx, please use search engine. here for example: http://osxarena.com/2015/10/guide-install-mac-osx-el-capitan-on-hackintosh-pc-with-clover-vanilla-installation-method/
  3. Version Rev 5


    Asus ROG GL552JX build el capitan 10.11 Follow the Support Forum Link: Spec: Asus ROG GL552JX CPU: Core i7 4750HQ Crystalwell GPU: Intel Iris 5200 + Nvidia GTX 950M (Nvidia disabled) Motherboard: Intel 8 Series Chipset Ram : 8Gb Ethernet/RJ-45: (RealTek RTL8168/8111) Wifi: AR9565 Audio: Conexant CX20752 TESTED ON Mac OS X El Capitan - 10.11.6 Work: - Intel iris Pro 5200 - Usb 3 - Touchpad, keyboad, mouse using SmartTouchPad (multi getsure support) - Smooth Sleep n wake - Fn keys Include keyboard backlit - Sound - with native AppleHDA - Sleep as Lid - Ethernet - restart - reboot - Battery level indicator - Bluetooth - UVC HD Webcam - Wifi AR956x Known issue - CardReader - Hibernate boot loop ( You can disable it via pmset) - VGA Port (blank) - Internal Microphone Not tested yet: - LAN What You Need To Install: - Asus ROG GL552JX ofcourse - Flashdisk 8GB minimum - OS X Installer APP - Empty Hardisk - This file - Clover BootLoader - Clover Configurator Vibrant Edition Install method : - Manual restore or createinstallmedia, but if u want to install on the MBR partition table, use manual restore, incase to place that MBR patcher files) - legacy USB boot scheme using Clover or you can follow this video steps here: POST Install Method : - Install Clover Bootloader then replace the files UEFI POST INSTALL NOTE: Install that aptiofix v2 driver to your EFI partition avoid freeze UEFI boot This File Included: - Clover config.plist - Kext's - DSDT's - Kext Installer Asus ROG GL552JX - El Capitan 10.11.zip
  4. ok thanks for your suggest my friends. ? my problem just solved by experiment. ? repartitioning using GUID partition table on my second hard drive just work for me ? this is just alternative i guess. ? problem solved
  5. there seems to be a misunderstanding here. ? when I get start booting, the blinking / rotating cursor get not responding all the way before i can selecting the partitions. ? so, how could i get dat verbose log if i can NOT selecting disk?
  6. hello? ? according to the title, I have a problem when booting my laptop. ? In this case, im using this stuffs on my laptop : - OSX mavericks on base system - chameleon v2.2 svn r2286 as bootloader - and 2 hard drives (by replacing dvd-rw with hdd caddy) ? everything is running smoothly before ? but, in one moment, I get start booting, but the blinking / rotating cursor getting stuck and not responding.? ? however, this can be resolved and back to normal when I unplug the second hard drive ? Why did this happen and what should I do? ? thanks for advance
  7. done by rolling back kexts? http://www.osx86.net/files/file/4020-nvidia-1092-kexts-for-rollingback-option/
  8. Version 10.9.2


    ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ What This ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ This files are original nvidia kexts from 10.9.2 update, where can be use to rolling back the nvidia graphic card users from black screen after boot logo. tested on my asus a43sj. how to use: just copy to S/L/E and boot normally on your osx desktop, reinstall this kexts 1 more time and fix the permissions using kexts utility or any. good luck.
  9. no, just 1 graphic on my laptop asus a43sj
  10. i have same problem after updating to 10.9.3 i think dat verbose messege listed everiting is fine but still got black screen after boot in verbose mode ? GraphicsEnabler=No <--not working IGPEnabler=No <--not working either ? im using nvidia gt520M ? any solution?
  11. btw any mirror pls....slow speed here
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