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  1. Alright, thanks, I'll try that.
  2. Thanks, got it to work. Totally unrelated question: I tried attaching a second monitor to my laptop, but with VGA, I only got it to mirror the laptop's display (with the same resolution), and with HDMI, all I got was some scrambled display. Any way to use the second monitor in its native resolution (which is 1920x1200)?
  3. Oh, and if I connect a usb mouse, the whole thing freezes, and displays the "Restart you computer" gray error message.
  4. It worked pretty well for my laptop, great job. Although there's one thing... After installing, and restarting, it stays at the "Before you begin..." page, and keeps on searching for a wireless mouse or trackpad, even though my touchpad works, I can move the mouse pointer around. Any ideas how to fix that? Thanks!
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