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  1. AsiAk?n

    AcerAspire 5741g

    Version 1.0


    for testing purposes taken under win7 dsdt.aml file.
  2. AsiAk?n


    http://www.osx86.net/downloads.php?do=file&id=2229 See description tanacoustic Have made the required explanation. If you are going to change the list, use the Text Edit
  3. AsiAk?n


    pci106b,4e pci14e4,4300 pci14e4,4301 pci14e4,4302 pci14e4,4303 pci14e4,4304 pci14e4,4305 pci14e4,4306 pci14e4,4307 pci14e4,4308 pci14e4,4309 pci14e4,4310 pci14e4,4311 pci14e4,4312 pci14e4,4313 pci14e4,4313 pci14e4,4314 pci14e4,4315 pci14e4,4316 pci14e4,4317 pci14e4,4318 pci14e4,4319 pci14e4,431a pci14e4,4320 pci14e4,4321 pci14e4,4322 pci14e4,4323 pci14e4,4324 pci14e4,4325 pci14e4,4326 pci14e4,4327 pci14e4,4328 pci14e4,4329 pci14e4,4330 pci14e4,4331 pci14e4,4332 pci14e4,4333 pci14e4,4334 pci14e4,4335 pci14e4,4336 pci14e4,4337 pci14e4,4338 pci14e4,4339 pci14e4,4340 pci14e4,4341 pci14e4,4342 pci14e4,4343 pci14e4,4344 pci14e4,4345 pci14e4,4346 pci14e4,4347 pci14e4,4348 pci14e4,4349 pci14e4,4350 pci14e4,4351 pci14e4,4352 pci14e4,4353 pci14e4,4354 pci14e4,4355 pci14e4,4356 pci14e4,4357 pci14e4,4358 pci14e4,4359 pci14e4,4360 pci14e4,4361 pci14e4,4362 pci14e4,4363 pci14e4,4364 pci14e4,4365 pci14e4,4366 pci14e4,4367 pci14e4,4368 pci14e4,4369 pci14e4,4370 pci14e4,4371 pci14e4,4372 pci14e4,4373 pci14e4,4374 pci14e4,4375 pci14e4,4376 pci14e4,4377 pci14e4,4378 pci14e4,4379 pci14e4,4380 pci14e4,4381 pci14e4,4382 pci14e4,4383 pci14e4,4384 pci14e4,4385 pci14e4,4386 pci14e4,4387 pci14e4,4388 pci14e4,4389 pci14e4,4390 pci14e4,4391 pci14e4,4392 pci14e4,4393 pci14e4,4394 pci14e4,4395 pci14e4,4396 pci14e4,4397 pci14e4,4398 pci14e4,4399 pci14e4,432b pci14e4,432c pci14e4,432d
  4. Which Info.plist are we editing? Is it the one in the plugins folder in the contents of the kext?

  5. AsiAk?n


    Thanks tanacoustic. I had forgotten the comment. I'm sorry anyone else
  6. AsiAk?n


    All existing PCI series
  7. AsiAk?n


    Learn the values ??of ''pci'' and add them to the list. The problem will be solved.
  8. AsiAk?n


    I think the values ??are string holds
  9. Version 1.0


    /System/Library/Extensions All in ''pci'' list.
  10. Friends, kexts for notebook Acer Aspire 5741g. Would you all loads in a single package? PC features: i5 430M GT nvidia 320m - (GT 216) HD ALC 272 audio BCM43225 Wifi 14e4 4357 BCM57780 Ethernet 1692 14e4 Realtek Card Reader Acer Crystal Eye webcam Battery A friend working in the computer, installs kexts so I'll be glad to squeeze. Many thanks in advance Not: Lion 10.8 kexts pls.
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