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  1. Thanks for feedback bro, the file is updated to v2.1 now.
  2. @chirs: Why you don't sneak and find out by downloading this file??
  3. Version 2.1


    If you need, this is my EFI Folder. Config is for Clover only & Kext is universal. I won't take any responsible for using this file. Do it with your own risk. (Give me some feedbacks so I'll update this file asap. Thanks. =) ). I'm sorry for my poor english and grammar -------------------------------------------------- Clover Bootloader Version: r3033 Clover Configurator Version: 4.19.2 Boot Args: -xcpm dart=0 kext-dev-mode=1 I'll leave both Old way and New way empty 'coz there is already DSDT Patched -------------------------------------------------- This is to be Final Version of K46CB EFI. Don't ask me again for future updates. --------------------------------------------------
  4. Thanks bro.. it works on my ASUS K43SV =)
  5. @reyfista11: bisa kok, internet situ aja yang lemot
  6. zikry45

    A43SV Kexts

    If your VGA is Optimus, mine says "No". and DSDT is for A43SV/A43SJ..
  7. Version 1.0


    This package contains all kext you need. install with kext utility. works only on Mountaion Lion All hardware working except card reader follow me @zikry45 for kext updates. =)
  8. @dalmatianowner: sama" bro @navle.ahtanos: hehe inget gan itu masih ada yang harus dihapus dari /S/L/E kalo ngga dihapus ntar KP. buat A43SJ jangan install GeforceGLDriver.bundle ntar KP
  9. @Alex : I don't have any idea about ELAN trackpad ....
  10. @ibnuandrian: hehe makasi gan udah download file ane @aa_lan2: works like a charm
  11. @hari: haha iya bro sama-sama @noovincobra:
  12. hey, your word is same as my file http://www.osx86.net/view/2508-a43sv-a43sj_kext.html haha. are u indonesian ?
  13. Version 1.0


    80% complete pack. for A43SV-VX072D only. install with kext utility. This Pack Contains: All working hardware except card reader. Use this kext fit your needs, Thanks. -------------------------------------- WILL ALWAYS UPDATED ------------------------------------------------ please leave some comments for continue developing this kext. your comment will be appreciated
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