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    macwill reacted to kyndder in [GUIDE] Clover EFI Bootloader   
    Hi fau7i,
    I didn't tried to use Chromium yet and also didn't see any report....

    So you was able to boot 10.8.3??? What you made??? You have QE/CI???
    This is Chameleon booting right??? Whit Clover still the same????
    The same as Chameleon... Better Power Management, SpeeStep, etc...
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    macwill reacted to kyndder in [GUIDE] Clover EFI Bootloader   
    blackosx reported today at ProjectOSX that he have issues booting Clover using Macmini5,3, instead he have
    to use MacMini5,3 (two capital M)... > Clover - Project OS X Forums
    Try and report back if this fix your issue (not completely solve, just boot OS X)...
    Hi Tony,
    You can check latest commits, changes and revision here > https://sourceforge.net/p/cloverefiboot/code/commit_browser
    And now that you have CloverGrower, when you want to compile Clover, just write clover at your terminal...

    Yes, STLVNUB made a great job!!!
    I'm anxious for v5.0....
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