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  1. regs


    what is your problem
  2. regs


    Version .pkg


    always current Commits http://sourceforge.net/p/cloverefiB{censored}/code/commit_browser
  3. regs

    MaciASL new russian version

    many bug's, please Fix the Version.
  4. regs

    Ozmosis Bootloader for Gigabyte G1 Sniper B5

    yes Defaults.plist is for EFI folder ? what "EnableGraphics=yes" Ozmosis or Clover/Chameleon you have a Extra folder in your Partition ? you have an entry at the Defalts.plist "DisableNvidaInjection=No", it is for your Nvidia card ? ? ? at the change NVRAM Reset win+alt+p+r Buttons at Boot selection F12
  5. regs

    Ozmosis Bootloader for Gigabyte G1 Sniper B5

    Defaults.plist not for Bios, it is for EFI ? Set Defaults.plist with you dates ATI,Intel or Nvidia Card ? on you can changed AtiFramebuffer from your ATI Card ? ALC892/1150 Audio device VoodooHDA "on" ? put your SMBios dates in to the plist ? reboot press F12 than press win+alt+P+R ? your monitor must be red green yellow lights
  6. regs

    Ozmosis Bootloader for Gigabyte G1 Sniper B5

    yes, not load does not work ? ? ? a real Ozmosis.1479.G1.Sniper.B5.F8 BIOS ? ? +-----------------------------------------------------------------------------+| Firmware Volume : 01 Location : 00610000 Length : 8F0000 |+---+---------------+------------------------------------+--------+------+----+|NO | FileName | GUID |Location| Size |Type|+---+---------------+------------------------------------+--------+------+----+|000| |AE717C2F-1A42-4F2B-8861-78B79CA07E07|00610048|3B81DB|FV ||001| |17088572-377F-44EF-8F4E-B09FFF46A070|009C8228|010418|RAW ||002| |8A0A450A-BEE9-42C1-9549-2BB8296AB3C3|009D8640|1337C5|FRFM||003|Setup |899407D7-99FE-43D8-9A21-79EC328CAC21|00B0BE08|032FA4|DRVR||004|S3Restore |EFD652CC-0E99-40F0-96C0-E08C089070FC|00B3EDB0|00211C|PEIM|+---+---------------+------------------------------------+--------+------+----+| Bytes Free : 3BF130 (3836 KB) Bytes Used : 530ED0 (5315 KB) |+-----------------------------------------------------------------------------+| Firmware Volume : 02 Location : 00000000 Length : 91D000 |+---+---------------+------------------------------------+--------+------+----+|NO | FileName | GUID |Location| Size |Type|+---+---------------+------------------------------------+--------+------+----+|194|CORE_DXE |5AE3F37E-4EAE-41AE-8240-35465B5E81EB|007856FA|0381D6|DXEC||195|PartitionDxe |1FA1F39E-FEFF-4AAE-BD7B-38A070A3B609|007BD8D0|0018C2|DRVR||196|HfsPlus |4CF484CD-135F-4FDC-BAFB-1AA104B48D36|007BF192|003712|DRVR||197|EnhancedFat |961578FE-B6B7-44C3-AF35-6BC705CD2B1F|007C28A4|00343A|DRVR||198|OzmosisDefaults|99F2839C-57C3-411E-ABC3-ADE5267D960D|007C5CDE|0002BE|FRFM||199|Ozmosis |AAE65279-0761-41D1-BA13-4A3C1383603F|007C5F9C|02FCE7|DRVR||200|OzmosisBlackThe|AC255206-DCF9-4837-8353-72BBBC0AC849|007F5C83|02A559|FRFM||201|HermitShellX64 |C57AD6B7-0515-40A8-9D21-551652854E37|008201DC|04171F|APPN||202|SmcEmulatorKext|DADE1001-1B31-4FE4-8557-26FCEFC78275|008618FB|01146F|FRFM||203|DisablerKext |DADE1002-1B31-4FE4-8557-26FCEFC78275|00872D6A|00323B|FRFM||204|InjectorKext |DADE1003-1B31-4FE4-8557-26FCEFC78275|00875FA5|00023F|FRFM||205|CpuSensorsKext |DADE1006-1B31-4FE4-8557-26FCEFC78275|008761E4|0068D7|FRFM||206|LpcSensorsKext |DADE1007-1B31-4FE4-8557-26FCEFC78275|0087CABB|00D44D|FRFM||207|GpuSensorsKext |DADE1008-1B31-4FE4-8557-26FCEFC78275|00889F08|01A285|FRFM||208|VoodooHdaKext |DADE1009-1B31-4FE4-8557-26FCEFC78275|008A418D|023779|FRFM|+---+---------------+------------------------------------+--------+------+----+| Bytes Free : 0556FA (341 KB) Bytes Used : 8C7906 (8990 KB) |+-----------------------------------------------------------------------------+?
  7. regs

    AMD Kernel for OS X 10.9/10.9.1

    delete AppleIntelCPUPowerManagement.kext S/L/E
  8. Version 1


    Reboot = working Shutdown = working No icon bugs No pink icons on launchpad works on OS X 10.9/10.9.1 version 2 works on old AMD CPU's works on FX CPU's
  9. regs

    German Keyboard Layout like Windows

    thanks works very beautiful. except the M button not working properly, it is missing the letter μ. ? P.S In Deutsch, die Doppelfunktion mit der Taste M und μ funktioniert nicht richtig, aber sonnst top, danke

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