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  1. Any questions mail haotiangood2008@gmail.com

  2. it works on my NP-RC50-S01CN.you can have a try
  3. Version V2.0


    11-30-2015 1. rebuild?dsdt and ssdts,Nvidia GT 520M is disabled. 2. 10.11 is?supported,everything is great. 3. clover version is added. 4. caution?do not install kext IOUSBHostFamily if you are using OS X Yosemite or EARLIER OS X ? 1.I have rebuilt dsdt file since i replaced my cpu to i7-2650QM. And i also changed my Wifi card to AR5B195 which contained an AR9285 Wifi mod. and an AR3011 Bluetooth mod. 2.ssdt files can be found in 'config for clover.zip',folder OEM\SECCSD\ACPI\patched. 3.the touchpad driver supports two fingers slide,and,the trackpad.prefPane is available. ? 10-30-2014: ? I have re-write the part of battery in dsdt,and it works well on Mavericks.Please download both dsdt and batterymanager if you want install Mavericks ? If you are using a native machine(never replace any hardware),please download the dsdt file '2912-dsdt.aml'.
  4. I have tried to use version10.7.3 on my SL10.6.7,but it didn't work:(! Hope thins one can be better.
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