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  1. Version 1.0


    These are the files used for the Inspiron 1525 install of OSX Lion 10.7.3.
  2. Version 5.3.901


    FakeSMC The Mandatory (Very Important) Kext to Run OS X On Your Computer. Please Rate The File.
  3. Version 1.0


    I thought it would be very handy to create and pack an already running XPC Bootloader USB Image ready for installing & running your Kitty. There are just a few things you should learn about XPC, find everything necessary at insanelymac for modifying XPC settings fitting your needs: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/287471-xpc-releases-and-instructions/#entry1901657 This bootloader is great! It can even mount DMG files for boot All credits go to iPhoneTom @ http://xpcboot.weebly.com/ For getting this BL on your USB Stick you need a Stick with at least 512MB and USBit from alexpage: http://www.alexpage.de/usb-image-tool/download/ Installing the packed USB Image to your stick is easy. On USBit click restore and select the native XPC-Bootstick512.img.gz, have a look at the filetypes, you'll find out USBit can restore compressed images The most important things to know is adjusting the settings.plist in folder \efi\xpc. Here you should store your DSDT.aml ... SSDT.aml goes to \efi\xpc\acpi ... XPC is a very interesting piece of applepie - have fun. Drivers already included: AHCI.efi AppleBootBeep.efi AppleHID.efi AppleNET.efi FirewireDevice.efi FirewireOHCI.efi Serial-ATA.efi SNP.efi USBBotMassStorage.efi USBCbioMassStorage.efi HFSPlus-64.efi NTFS-64.efi VBoxExt2-64.efi PS: have a look at the folder \efi\xpc\extra_kext\10.X :cool: it holds: FakeSMC.kext AHCIPortInjector.kext AppleACPIPS2Nub.kext AppleIntelPIIXATA.kext ApplePS2Controller.kext ApplePS2Keyboard.kext ApplePS2Mouse.kext IOAHCIBlockStorageInjector.kext IOATABlockStorage.kext IOATAFamily.kext IOATAPIProtocolTransport.kext JMicron36xeSATA.kext JMicron36xSATA.kext JMicronATA.kext OpenHaltRestart.kext Make use of the 'H' (help) key. To skip the kernelcache edit settings.plist ForceLoadKernelcache 0 Pressing F1 it's possible to load kernelcache anyway.
  4. Version 1.0


    Fix Boot 0 Error on Most Machines Included Bootloader is Chameleon r 2181 If It Helped or If it doesn't work please post your comments
  5. guest


    Version 1.0


    nScript is a Tool That Executes Scripts When You Login and Shutdown Your Computer. Through Those Scripts You Can Enable Many Hacks Like Startup Music Auto Remove Caches Repair Permissions Automatically on Startup Those Features Will Improve Computing and Makes Some Manual Works as Automated Processes. Which Saves Your Time.
  6. Version 1.0


    Firstly Happy Hackintosh New-Year Guyz Whats in This Package? Chameleon v2.2svn r2165 *Installable *Upgradeable "N{censored}'s Extra.kext" KernelPatcher.Module Please Read The Package Informations Before Proceeding Main Use Of The Files Included In This Package is To Add Supports for E/E Kexts to Be Loaded in KernelCache This Was Natively Supported in Snow Leopard By Chameleon After an Year Its Being Supported Once Again By Chameleon Team N{censored}12495 This File Was Updated Three Times
  7. Version 1.0


    This Package Will Install Chameleon Boot Loader rev 2138 All Default Modules of The Revision into 2138 Champlist Whats So Special About This Version? The Module "KernelPatcher" Can Load KernelCache Along With /Extra/Extensions Which Was Not Possible on The Older Versions of Chameleon This Feature is Very Useful in Lion and Mountain Lion The Package Will Add UseKernelCache=Yes on Your Boot.plist Users With Patched Kernel if you are stuck on Kernel Panics Just Boot With UseKernelCache=No Then Remove The Key From Boot.plist Chameleon Compiled and Installer by N{censored}12495
  8. Version 1.0


    Official Chameleon Revision Supports upto 10.8.x Chameleon-2.1-r2069.pkg.zip is an Installer Package to Update Your Bootloader [Won't Update EFI] (Recommended for Users) Chameleon-2.1-r2069.iso.zip is a Preboot Image File to Install OS X (Not Recommended for Users) By N{censored}12495
  9. Version 1.0


    The latest release v2052 of Ermac's Chameleon Bootloader.
  10. guest

    DCPI Manager

    Version 1.0


    Identify your hardware / devices with DCPI Manager on Mac. credits goes to AnV
  11. Version 1.0


    Fixed several issues. > Changelog <
  12. Version 1.0


    The popular Editor Textmate became an open source project with Version2. https://github.com/textmate/textmate The source for TextMate is released under the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or (at your option) any later version. TextMate is a trademark of Allan Odgaard. Credits & Copyright: Oniguruma Copyright ? K.Kosako sndgk393@ybb.ne.jp Oniguruma is licensed under the BSD license. Leopards and Questions Today we are pushing out a new nightly build for the 2.0 alpha that changes the minimum OS requirement to start requiring Snow Leopard, this change was made after checking the current statistics for 2.0: 10.8 2.0% 10.7 86.7% 10.6 11.1% 10.5 0.2% With such a small percentage on 10.5 it makes sense to drop its support. Moving forward we may decide that requiring Lion will be a reasonable tradeoff as it provides many underlying benefits we could take advantage of. The usage statistics will be monitored to determine the feasibility of this move. Also to help answer many of the more commonly asked questions we've put together a FAQ about 2.0. http://blog.macromates.com/
  13. Version 1.0


    Perfectly Working AppleHDA for ALC888s The Only One i Found Facebook.com/N{censored}12495 Twitter.com/N{censored}12495
  14. Version 1.0


    nScript is a Tool That Executes Scripts When The System Login and Shutdown Which Triggers Many Tricks Like Startup Music Direct Link http://cl.ly/1P011u0I00021k163l0D Facebook http://facebook.com/N{censored}12495
  15. Version 1.0


    nScript by N{censored}12495 - N{censored} Jackson Here is The Direct Download Link http://cl.ly/0I3X0S0g0A2s2Z393V0Q This Script Executes Custom Scripts at Startup and Shutdown Which Enable Many Hacks in OS X You Can Send Your Own Scripts to N{censored}12495@gmail.com Facebook.com/N{censored}12495 Twitter.com/N{censored}12495
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