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  1. Nope not yet I'm still stuck trying to get full graphics support.
  2. Okay using just the one kext I get the right resolution but no QI/CE
  3. Nope I never had to... I was using these kexts before to get it to work: http://www.osx86.net/files/file/3568-new-109-intel-hd-3000-hd-4000-driver/#commentsStart
  4. I've tried that and all it does is load with the right resolution but no QI/CE?
  5. Does not work on 10.9.1 for me Asus K55A with Intel HD 3000.
  6. Okay got it booting now how do I get graphics up and working?
  7. Okay guys any help?? I updated to 10.9.1 and I can't boot. Just keeps saying framebuffer never arrives I've deleted all the graphics kexts and still nothing.
  8. Using the Kexts you mentioned I end up with this? Fixed it! Was clover on the USB set to graphics enabled... Now just can't get clover to install and be recognised. Well got clover working now just can't get my touchpad going found a kext for it but it just causes a kernel panic. ? Well got the touchpad working now the only thing I can't get working is ethernet and the App Store won't let me sign in ? Nevermind got that working too, now just to finish up audio and basic nit picky things.
  9. Well got it installed! Now just to get graphics working. Keeps saying can't load framebuffer.
  10. Well I started from scratch using the USB RAW file from Olarila and I'm finally getting farther and clover is booting just having an issue with it stopping at Bluetooth. ?
  11. Hey john john I do have UEFI enabled i currently run windows 8.1 in it and secureboot is turned off.? ? Okay I'll try the MBR
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