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  1. ipatch

    Intel GMA 4500MHD

    extremely unfortunate
  2. ipatch

    Intel GMA 4500MHD

    Is the Intel 45 Express Chipset the same thing as the Intel 4500GMA?
  3. ipatch

    Intel GMA 4500MHD

    why is this labeled gmaX3100FB.kext? I am assuming this is the Frame Buffer driver from the X3100 which has been proven not to work with the 4500GMA?
  4. Okay, it looks like I'll have to give the VoodooHDA a try.
  5. Before I remade the DSDT, I was loading the kexts "HDAEnabler" and "AppleHDA". I, deleted "HDAenabler.kext", extracted the DSDT, patched with your .txt, fixed permissions, rebooted, and what you see in the screen caps, is what I get.
  6. Currently I am using a laptop to run OS X (10.7.2.) I have external drive bay which I was using to boot OS X. In order boot OS X I created a bootable USB drive to load OS X from the Voyager Q. I decided to cut out the middle man (the uSD card plugged into my laptop) and install Chameleon directly onto the drive with OS X. My problem now is that when I boot the computer without the uSD card plugged the BIOS just stays at the same place, and does not load Chameleon from the external drive, and to top it off if I plug in the uSD card to try and see/find the OS X install on the drive plugged into the Voyager Q, it Chameleon does not see the drive. I tried refreshing the list with "F5" but that does not do anything. So the only way I can boot OS X is to swap my internal HDD on my laptop which can be quite cumbersome. Any thoughts?
  7. Upgraded to 10.7.2 and everything is running smoothly. Haven't/didn't notice any problems.
  8. Unfortunately, it is not working, this is what I am getting, and,
  9. Alright, this is what I have done. 0. Removed the HDAEnabler.kext from the previous zip file for the ALC 272. 1. Extracted current DSDT using "DSDT Editor" I then applied the patch you provided in the .zip file. 2. Saved the new "dsdt.aml" in the "/Extra" directory, and now I am about to reboot. 3. Repaired permissions using Disk Utility.
  10. Is there a preferred method of uninstalling .kexts? I have been just deleting them form the /System/Library/Extensions directory.
  11. I'll try this in the morning when I wake up. Currently I am pretty tired :-/
  12. I installed two .kexts. * AppleHDA.kext * HDAEnabler.kext Do I need to add that code mentioned in the link for the 10.7.1 Apple HDA for the Realtek 272 using the DSDT patcher program?
  13. I applied all the patches as suggested, then fixed the errors, after that I saved the DSDT.aml file. I made sure Chameleon could see the DSDT file in the /Extra/org.chameleon.Boot.plist file then restarted. After restarting I have an Audio Device showing up in System Information (the Apple program, formerly System Profiler) but I don't have an Output Device in the System Preferences.
  14. :eek: These are the instructions I was looking for. THANK YOU!
  15. okay I understand a little bit more now, the patches are txt files located in the DSDT directory, but how do I apply these "patches" using the DSDT patcher?
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