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  1. The BIOS on the Hp Pavilion g6 prevents any drivers from being installed. The OS installs and runs but does not function properly. There is no way around this.

  2. The BIOS on the Hp Pavilion g6 prevents any drivers from being installed. The OS installs and runs but does not function properly. There is no way around this.

  3. have you installed mac on pavilion g6 ? if yes i need help with the procedure, please reply me or put a mail on akash@royal.net

  4. Thats interesting. However I'm skeptical because hardly anything ever works for my hardware on Snow Leopard. My specs are AMD Phenom 2 Dual Core processor, Radeon 4200 HD graphics, RT5390 wireless. However nobody has replied to my other threads so I will have to venture over to InfiniteMac to see if they have some answers! Thanks Rob.
  5. No I haven't I don't think it is supported. Do you have an HP Pavilion g6?
  6. I followed this guide, which said networking would automatically be detected. My WiFi isn't detected, however, neither is a wired connection. OS Version: 10.6.3 WiFi card: Ralink RT5390 Processor: AMD Phenom 2 Dual-Core Does anybody have a driver or kext I can use?! Thankyou!
  7. I'm running 10.6.3 and need the graphics drivers for the Radeon 4200 HD. If you know an alternative please post!
  8. I installed 10.6.3 on my HP Pavilion g6 1b50us. The install was smooth. However, I needed to install Chameleon to let it boot on it's own according to this tutorial. Now after I get to the "Press ? for more options, blah blah blah, press enter to boot" I press enter and it will go to the Apple logo. The Apple logo sits there and nothing happens until I move my mouse. When I move my mouse the loading wheel comes up. It's odd, however, the wheel goes very slow and choppy but when I move my mouse or use the touch pad it speeds up. After a while a stop symbol that looks like "Ø" and is gray is in the center of the screen. The boot does nothing. It does boot when I flag "-x" for safe mode, but only then. What can I do to make it boot on it's own properly? Processor: AMD Phenom 2 Dual-Core
  9. I'm very sorry but I can't help you... However, may I ask you what kext you used to get your graphics card enabled? I have a similar processor/graphics card. I can't figure it out for the life of me.
  10. You need to format the partition you want to install it on as HFS+. To do this use Google to find an ISO called "gParted". Burn it to a disk and pop it in your notebook and you will see a simple Linux GUI. I had to do this to install on an HP g6 for SL to see the disk.
  11. I tried on my g6-1b50us. It an AMD Dual-core Phenom 2 processor clocked at 2.7 ghz and Radeon 4250 HD graphics card. It installed but there were no kexts for my graphics card and my RT5390 wireless card also had no Snow Leopard support. Also, HP locks their BIOS like no other. I couldn't switch into AHCI mode so that could have been alot of the problems I had while installing kexts (they wouldn't install for some reason). Then Chameleon kept telling me I needed to boot into safe mode or something. So probably not :-(
  12. mothermonster


    Anything for Snow Leopard??
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