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  1. Hi! Great competition..I would LOVE to win an SSD from you guys! Thanks and
  2. Get into the partitions you have (with os x installed). On rooth, search for the file called "boot", and erase it (on every partition, so you ensure to start from scrach and fix the problem). Then, replace it with the original on the retail dvd, also, in every mac os x partition... If you have ML, replace the boot file with the ML dvd....if you have SL, with the SL dvd, etc etc. You'll need a boot disc...to boot the system now. once you are in, install chimera or chameleon in the partition. That's all Any other question...just ask
  3. Did you find the solution? If you didn't, tell me and i'll give it to you. I had the same problem!
  4. Did you find the solution? if you didn't, tell me and i'll give you the answer. I had the same problem!!
  5. Hello, I write to you hoping to get some help. I have a Toshiba Satellite A505 s6992, (If you have a guide to do hackintosh on this notebook it would be perfect!) and i tryed and i tryed to do hackintosh. Now i got installed Mac OS X Snow Leopard 10.6.3 iAtkos. The problem is that i can't boot Mac OS X if i set on the 2 cores on Bios ( i've tryed with iDeneb, Hazard, iAtkos..), it crashes with the grey screen and the apple's logo. The USB works fine and the ethernet too. Just want to use the OS with the 2 cores on. If anyone van help me with this problem, and the audio problem (don't have any sound), i would appreciate. Thanks and apologies my bad english please.
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