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    Born in Venice (Italy), but at the moment living in a town in the nearby. Will attend Computer Engineering faculty next year in Milan. Actually works occasionally as Q/A developer in a local software development enterprise and is attending last high-school year.
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  1. scusami ho provato ad inviarti dei messaggi ma non so se ti sono arrivati....

  2. @victoryo Yeah, the trouble was the ?outdated? version of OSX. Now it works, thanks for your efforts. Expect next public release soon.
  3. @Skcrog86 Colors in file-names are available in the rev3 stable package, not in the rev4 pre-alpha since I had to upload it from Windows due to OSX failure in my unit. By the way, the guide for rev4 doesn't exist yet so everything you've read in the readme as well as in any .rtf file which comes along with the package, refers only to rev3. About SSDTs, from what I know they're meant only to provide OSX information about the processor energy parameters, like P/C states, maximum clock, maximum turbo clock, etc. So I advise to avoid using them, unless you're sure the ones you've chosen are strictly meant for your exact processor model (not only the series, like "i7 2nd gen.", but the full model number, like "i7-2630QM"). Well, I'll upload both the classic zipped folder as I did 'till now and the all-in-one .pkg, so anybody can choose the solution they prefer. This may be helpful for users who are new to the Hackintoshing world. @nick8197 Remove your touchpad kexts and use the ones I provided along with the rev4 unstable. Click issue is fixed there.
  4. @victoryo Yeah, I've even tried to rebuild caches manually. Now things works, the trouble was that I needed to upgrade OSX to 10.8.3 (it was still at 10.8.0 since I recently re-installed everything). I'll include part of your work in the package, if you agree. Package is fully working in 10.8.3 with Clover. Expect final rev4 release soon!
  5. Both VGA/HDMI are working right now. You'll find them in the next release!
  6. HDMI/VGA seems to work now, but I'm still having troubles with the sound. Once I'll have updated to 10.8.3 and have the HDA working, I plan to release the rev4 final for public usage. Furthermore, I'm planning also to release an automatic-installer in .pkg format of the package along with the next release.
  7. @victoryo Could you upload your boot configuration (chameleon.org.boot.plist file) and - if you have it - your clover configuration file?
  8. @victoryo I've managed finally to restore my OSX. Trying your patched AppleHDA and IntelGraphicsSNB kexts, both with your DSDT and with mine, results in no-audio and no-QE/CI and then in boot failure (it hangs, probably due to the graphics kext). That's weird.
  9. Use kexts from my latest package release (rev4 pre-alpha). Please post support requests as comments in my package download page, next time. Clover EFI files uploaded in the rev4 pre-alpha. Check it out.
  10. @Skcrog86 Thanks. @victoryo (Using the last keyboard WMI kext I published in the pre-alpha) does VGA/HDMI screen turns on if you press thw Fn+F8 keystroke?
  11. Package uploaded. @victoryo Okay, great. I'll check it out as soon as I'll have my OSX installation working again.
  12. I can't boot my OSX installation any more, and at the moment I can't wipe the whole HDD. It will take time before I'll be able to continue with the work, so I'm uploading an incomplete pre-alpha version in the meanwhile. Check the files list above within next hours. @ruorbe Clover files are being included in the pre-alpha. @victoryo Are your modified kexts meant for K53SV variant? And thank you both for the help you gave me these days
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