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  1. When I was on 10.8, I managed to get audio working by running MB{censored} 4.6.1 and installing these two kexts Drivers & Bootloaders>Kext & Enablers>Audio>Realtek ALC8xx>Unified Device Injector>ALCxxHDA for Legacy ALC888 and ALC888b/887 Drivers & Bootloaders>Kext & Enablers>Audio>Realtek ALCxx>AppleHDA Rollback But after I updated to 10.8.3, I lost audio. I tried reinstalling the same kexts but still getting no audio. Does anyone have any recommendations? Also, for those looking to get ML up and running on this mobo, try these instructions: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1WbIOawSY4f-67-I1qfzsuobxlWZ0xcA1fGDsTRzCrwM/edit Unfortunately, as mentioned, 10.8.3. doesn't have audio and the guide hasn't been updated. Thanks.
  2. As I said, I can't get it to boot from the HDD. If you wanna boot from the USB you should follow the instructions from that post.
  3. It works, I wouldnt say well. I dont know why anyone would want to boot from the USB stick. I am doing it because I have to.
  4. I used this tutorial How to Burn Your Own OS X Lion Install DVD or USB Drive
  5. Well I use Mac as my primary OS so I don't have Windows installed. I am still booting from the USB stick because chameleon will not install on my harddrive for some reason. I mean it installs all the way through but it won't replace my the bootloader that was already loaded on it. My computer is a desktop so power shouldn't be an issue. Could very well be the chameleon bootloader and booting from a USB.
  6. Hope I can get some help. Here is the kernel panic that I am getting when just using my hackintosh. I am not doing anything too exhaustive but it just seems to crap out on me at the weirdest times: https://picasaweb.google.com/lh/photo/2g9rb6-lQakKeLNwTbRNZg?feat=directlink Let me know if there is any other information i can provide. Hackintosh specs are in my sig.
  7. worked perfectly!! thank you so much! my hackintosh is perfect now Actually I do have one issue with the sound. I am getting a static when the song hits a high level, is this a common issue? I took at the link and it doesn't seem like anyone is complaining about this static. Its a bit annoying. It could be the speakers but they were working fine a couple days ago. Thanks.
  8. I am not sure how many different audio next I have tried but nothing seems to work. Can someone please point me in the right direction? My Hackintosh is almost perfect, this is the last thing! Thanks so much to this site! I found almost all the necessary info here
  9. ayman07


    Quick update, CI/QE is working fine as well! Here's how to check: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/lofiversion/index.php/t263642.html
  10. ayman07


    Works perfectly on 10.7.0. I have the Nvidia 8600GT 256MB. I got both displays working. I don't know if CI/QE is working yet but everything is buttery smooth.
  11. thanks for the reply. i managed to upgrade to Lion and the wireless card kicked in by itself. now I am having issues with the video card. I'll do some searching and I'll create a post in the appropriate place. Thanks.
  12. Been looking around for a while and I can not find the right kexts for this. Just installed 10.6.8 after upgrading from 10.6.4. Mobo: Gigabyte GA-P35-DS3L The wireless card: Linksys WMP54GS Can't get wifi nor ethernet to work. Thanks.
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