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  1. ?Working with GA-Z87X-UD3H LGA 1150 Intel Z87 i7 3.69 GHz 16gb 1600 MHz DDr3?Nvidia?GeForce?GTX?650 Ti 2GB, 10.10?public beta?Clover?SSD 128gb, using iStats 5 All the temps shows Thanks to Slice =)
  2. Hi Thank you very much :) my zotac geforce gt 520 2gb works great in mountain lion 10.8.2 And i AM from

    India.and it works great.

  3. Please post \your card id and if work for ya thanks
  4. Version 1.0


    new Nvidia GeForceGLDriver.bundle enables OpenCL pacthed ver 304.00.05f02 link http://ul.to/f10c2f48 save the original before installing, extract latest Nvidia driver tested with LuxMark_v2.0_OSXIntel64
  5. this should work http://uploaded.net/file/uwf3nyn2
  6. http://ul.to/yyqgjfr8 add the device id try xmen1 let me know
  7. Version 1.0


    If you want enable OpenCl add kext GeForceGLDriver.bundle in GeForceGLDriver.patched folder openCL passed LuxMark_v2.0 OpenGL work My video card gt520 tested new driver and cuda 5 ,improve games pc to mac , wii emu other apps. hope helps you download it at http://ul.to/uwf3nyn2 or click on source i add more devices ids should work with other nvidia card 0x104010de&0xffc0ffff 0x000010de&0xffe0ffff 0x06c010de&0xffe0ffff 0x0cc010de&0xffe0ffff 0x0ce010de&0xffe0ffff 0x0dc010de&0xffe0ffff 0x0de010de&0xffe0ffff 0x0e0d10de&0xffffffff 0x0e2010de&0xffe0ffff 0x0e4010de&0xffe0ffff 0x0e8010de&0xffe0ffff 0x0ee010de&0xffe0ffff 0x0f0010de&0xffe0ffff 0x0f2010de&0xffe0ffff 0x0fa010de&0xffffffff 0x0fa210de&0xffffffff 0x108010de&0xffe0ffff 0x10a010de&0xffe0ffff 0x110010de&0xffc0ffff 0x120010de&0xffc0ffff 0x124010de&0xffc0ffff
  8. patched appleIntelCPUPower.kext v195.0.0 by conigilio an AppleACPIPatform.kext patched 10.6.8 by ErmaC rollback did the thick on my setup have i7 HD4000 asus p8p68V LE GT520
  9. @ otantika whats your device id ? i have transparent bar
  10. sweet also works 10.6.8 thanks mannrox info i will try on new lion update post results
  11. download my kext search gt520 10.8.2 mountain lion
  12. thanks for update dual monitors work, Nice to know my work helps 10.8.2 for this device id
  13. I had the same problem with firefox, sleep didn't work. Works with video games too purchase black ops works great ,weet dual monitors works, if you want enable OpenCL there code pacth it sudo perl -pi -e '$c+=s/\x8B\x87\x1C\x0C\x00\x00\x89\x06\x8B\x87\x20\x0C\x00\x00\x89\x02/\x31\xC0\xFF\xC0\xFF\xC0\x89\x06\x31\xC0\x89\x02\x90\x90\x90\x90/; END { printf "%s: %d substitution%s made.\n",($c==1 ? "Success" : "Error"),$c,(!$c || $c>1 ? "s" : ""); $?=($c!=1); }' /System/Library/Extensions/GeForceGLDriver.bundle/Contents/MacOS/libclh.dylib
  14. Version 1.0


    I personally tested, but apparently adding your device id to the NVDAGF100Hal kext will enable the NVIDIA GeForce 5xx series in MLion. update no openGL =( sleep did not work , ok re patch GeForce.kext NVDAGF100Hal.kext NVDAGK100Hal.kext & NVDAResman.kext this for device id 104010de 0x104010de&0xffc0ffff dual monitors works OpenGL passed with OpenGL extension viewer sleep works update found code enable OpenCL too =) or use the pacthed kext work 10.8.2 10.6.8 =) you can also click link to download file or go to http://ul.to/6jjs721s
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