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  1. nmano you need to get a program called dsdtse to extract your dsdt or delete the GFX device under the PEGP device in my dsdt then google how to add your video card. ipiz i can only recommend to do a clean install and then use only the files I posted and don't remove anything or add anything else.
  2. try running kext wizard and boot with -f
  3. panda78 you can delete the entire GFX device in the PEGP section and then it will be back to normal. ipiz you probably just need to repair permissions. Your probably only getting 1280x800 when in 64 bit.
  4. yea I have the x3100 and I don't run it in 64-bit. It is possible if you get the 64-bit x3100 kexts from 10.6.2. There actually on this site.
  5. Yes. You'll need to change the graphic section. You can use your dsdt or just copy the PEGP section from your dsdt and replace the one in mine.
  6. Version 1.0


    This is my extra folder and all the kexts I use for my Dell Vostro 1710. It should also work with the 1310 and 1510 but you'll have to change the DSDT if you have nvidia graphics. Everything is perfect except for the O2micro card reader.
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