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  1. np i have the 10.7.4 ill try that than i will update to see what happens ill post back and thanks. one more thing in the past i ran into problems with the memory and patches for the itunes crash do u know how to fix that?
  2. np ill so the my hack what version of lion should i use 10.7.5? can u please link me the kernel for whatever version and thank u also what would be the best commands to start the install
  3. Can you recommend a good way to install lion or what distro should i use i would like to go full retail but whatever works at this point
  4. im really sorry can u explain this in more detail sorry still a little new to this . can you please post a step by step on how to install this on asus crosshair v motherboard with 8350 cpu and nvidia gtx cards thanks.
  5. yes i have acces to another computer do i remove it from the installation USB or the hardrive? and tahnks can u post the best kernel
  6. ok since i replaced the files i cannot boot from them now to install osx it does not like me i also tried all your commands and nothing it hates me
  7. can i use your installation method on usb and just replace the OSInstall files ?
  8. Hey sorry john john that link u said is kind of confusing can you please explain in simple way please
  9. still same result tried everthing let me ask when i install osx what do i do i put reformat my drive to guid partition and macosx journlaed is that right? or should i make it to MBR?
  10. ok sorry can u please right the entire flag how u want me too so i do it right sorry
  11. what busratio do i put? and on the hpet it only has the enable or disable option
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