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  1. What about speedstep? Because the pack includes nullcpupwrmgmt.. Which would.. well Null it.
  2. Re-sent it and fixed your username manually in the PM, hopefully you got it now! (twice actually accidentally, one with quote tags all over, other fixed) As you can see, your nick seems to be a little incompatible with forum software.. Pretty weird they'd allow symbols that are incompatible.. If you click on (or just hover over) your nick you'll see that the @ is changed to - in the url, then redirected to "mlydinesh" only & the pm by default excludes the @.. Which is my theory for you not receiving the PM I sent the 1st time..
  3. Thanks for your reply! I have sent you a PM. Let me know here if it didn't come through.. (just worrying the @ in your nick could cause trouble since it doesn't show in PM)
  4. Does the included DSDT have Optimus completely disabled? Would be great, would really like to save some battery.. Thanks in advance! Also, to get the speedstep & power management working should I remove NullCPUPowerManagement? Thanks in advance! For the record, I have a K53SD which is slightly different, but I compared the specs and they should be fairly similar, I think based on the same "barebone".. I have a dsdt for my model, but it has fn keys not working etc., so I'm optimistic about yours working on my system, seeing that your wifi+bluetooth package (thanks for that!) worked for me, same PIDs and all.
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