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  1. Yes, i removed the hdd from my laptop, i plugged it into my desktop computer and then i ran chameleon installer to fix the boot files.
  2. I just installed windows. I tried to boot from the installer disk with no luck. Then i put a chamaleon bootable disc, i chose the correct partition to boot the machine makes a restart, even with -f -v flags. Any suggestion on how to boot it? Thank you. ? edit: i just booted, i plugged the hdd into another mac and i ran the chameleon installer, now i got the menu and all works fine!
  3. oh ok, and then? i ll boot to mac and rerun cham or somthing?
  4. Hi there, im looking for a working kext for the internal microphone of dell xps 1530. I got a voodooHDA.kext, i got sound but my mic is not working. Any help please? It is a sigmatelSTAC9228 audio controller.
  5. it is chameleon, ill install win in a while. If cham wont boot, what should i do?
  6. :/ i can use only one on my laptop. know which bootloader i must use?
  7. HI, i finally managed to installed 10.9 on my dell and now i wanna install win 7 (or 8) in the same hdd. Is this possible or it needs a seperate hdd? My hdd format is mac os journal extended. Also which is the program i must use to have a boot menu. Thank you.
  8. OK, i finally installed it! ? So far i cant figure: ? 1)the touchpad, its a bit difficult to control it, Anybody fixed this? 2)microphone is too faint. also the sound it could be better. 3)sometimes restart stucked when logging off. 4)HDMI out freezes my computer when i plug my tv on it.
  9. Hi, it is a dell xps 1530: 2.2 core 2 duo t7500, 4gb ddr2, nvidia gforce 8600 gt 256. I tried a guide i found to install 10.9 and i got this panic now:? Unable to find a driver for this platform: ACPI [blah-blah] in?IOPlatformExpert.cpp:1541
  10. Hi, sorry for the multiple messages. I installed 10.9 but i did the post installation procedure on another hackintosh. Now i tried to boot and i got a kernel panic that says:?Unable to find a driver for this platform: ACPI [blah-blah] in?IOPlatformExpert.cpp:1541" ? i managed to boot in -f mode. Any suggestions? btw i dont have sound, touchpad etc, i hope it is cause of the -f HELPPPPP
  11. HI, i tried the guide for 10.9 but it needs a previous installed osx that i dont have. Any ideas?
  12. Actually im booting from the installer and it stucks when a dash appear on the upper left. Any suggestions? :/ ? oh, i just see i must have a previous version of osx installed. Damn, anyone got a guide to install a previous one? i tried N{censored} with no success :/
  13. Could you please tell me how to do this please? Also i dont have any hackintosh on this machine, i must install a previous mac os version or it is possible to install mavericks directly? Thank you.
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