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  1. @wike to make sure Nvidia is disabled, you should see only 1 graphic card in sytem profiler instead 2. @Rupke i got Sound Fn keys working, but not brightness...
  2. PS: For thoses who got problems with Memory Modules not recognized perfectly (ex:6g ram seens as 3g ram) i recommend to upgrade Bios by downloading Bios update here: https://www.asus.com/Notebooks_Ultrabooks/K55VD/#support_Download_8 -BIOS 407 Improve memory margin. -BIOS 408 Update DGPU vbios. and update from inside bios using "START EASY FLASH" feature.
  3. Hello everybody @elevart Asus just released bios 2.08 so you should probably check it before spending more time on your DSDT, but iam definetly interested with your DSDT, so keep us updated. here 8 gigas ram working fine Now for the good news: -Touchpad working 100% now with gestures check http://forum.osxlatitude.com/index.php?/topic/1948-elan-touchpad-driver-mac-osx/ and install ElanTouchpad_v2.1_Final_Mountain Lion.zip (make sure to remove PS2 files and follow instructions for configuration in trackpad panel). Facetime and iMessage working now with special module check http://downloads.indiandragon.in/Downloads/iMessage_Fix.html -No more need for VoodooHDA, working AppleHDA.kext found (speakers,Output and External Mic), havent tested it yet for HDMI audio output (probably still need DSDT edit,maybe elevart will fix this if needed/possible) -Was finally able to disable GFORCE using a modified DSDT for an Asus model, now battery is operational 5hours when using computer (before 2h30), can stay a very very long time in sleep as well, Cpu performances are the same, meaning very good. I will upload/upgrade all the files this week. Only card reader not working now Thanks everyone for contribution to this topic!
  4. Hi EDIT: AppleSmartBatteryManager.kext was removed from PREINSTALL folder (May cause problems for pre-install). VOODHDA Vendor/Device id is fixed(Plist edit is mandatory, in case you experience crashes with VoodooHDA. @slayer2333: Speedstep and turboboost were tested with hwmonitor app, working ok. Smbios used is MacBookPro 9.1 Haven't tested CPU Bench on Windows,deleted it. Won't help but noticed battery stand 2.5 hours on OSX and 5 hours on Windows, this probably due to NVIDIA not switching off on OSX. @mediarec: About the sound problem, did you modify your voodoohda plist? Touchpad should works, you probably got a different hardware version. To boot from the hard drive, select the following options in the bios: Boot: Launch CSM Secure Boot Control: Disabled You can only boot in safe mode, did you remove force/nvidia kexts? Are you using NullCpuPowerManagement.kext or AppleIntelCpuPowerManagement.kext? @robvandenhoogen What are the last lines displayed when crashing at verbose boot? @scouser113 "com.apple.applefscompression load succeeded" is probably not the cause of your kp, need to see your boot log. @dudule54 Try remove AppleSmartBatteryManager.kext from USBKEY/Extra/Extensions if you got this file. Also more infos on kp would be appreciated (verbose). Note: System will only boot on safe mode or kp as long as GFORCE/NVIDIA kexts are loaded. Thanks for your interest, I will do my best to help you all.
  5. Version 1.0


    ASUS K55VD Ivy Bridge i7, G610M HD4000 (With or without DSDT) This is a simple guide on how to install Mountain Lion 10.8.2 on an Asus K55VD with Ivy Bridge with or without DSDT. !!!September 2013 important info about 10.8.5 update!!! If you update to 10.8.5 it will break USB3 if you enabled it in bios, making your usb ports disabled. Solutions: Disable XHCI in Bios or wait for an updated kext here: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/286860-genericusbxhci-usb-30-driver-for-os-x-with-source/ (Shouldnt be long), or replace kext with beta kext GenericUSBXHCI_1.2.5d5.tar.gz found here: http://sourceforge.net/projects/genericusbxhci/files/Snapshots/ Also if you got minor problems with preferences (brightness, boot options....) after update type this in terminal: sudo nvram boot-args="" then reboot (Not related to USB3) UPDATED JULY 2013: read at bottom. Working: Speedstep Turbo boost Shutdown Restart Sleep Awake Battery indicator HD4000 PS2 Keyboard PS2 Trackpad HDMI Video (HD4000) Audio Speakers Audio Headphones Audio Micro Ethernet Bluetooth Webcam (Skype ok, not working with FaceTime and Photo Booth) iCloud Appstore USB1 USB2 USB3 (now working better with july update, check below) ---> OK, but either USB3+USB1 , or USB2+USB1 (power problem, bug also present on some MacBook Pro 2012 with 10.8.x). Select from bios : For USB1+USB3 only: Legacy Off, XHCI Enabled. For USB1+USB2 only: Legacy Enabled, XHCI Off. Not Working: G610M VGA Port (G610M) HDMI Audio (possible via DSDT Edit) Wifi (Remplace with Atheros AR9280 (wifi) or Atheros AR5B195 AR3011 (wifi/bluetooth).) Card reader (Bug Realtek+10.8.2?) Gestures (now working with july update) FN Keys (now working with july update) Tools needed: USB Key 8 gigas Mac OS X 10.8.2 Iso MyHack Chameleon Wizard Latest Chameleon Kext Wizard Files needed: MBR folder (For USB Key) Pre-Install folder (For USB Key) Post-install folder (For K55VD) Voodoo HDA folder (For K55VD) 1/ PRE-INSTALL: From an OSX system Launch DISK UTILITIES : Partition: USB KEY, 1 Partition, Options: MBR, Format: Mac OS Extended Journaled Launch MYHACK: Create: OS X Installer Create: OS X 10.8 Install Disk Target:USB Key Source: Mount InstallESD.dmg, Browse Manually, Target: Mac OSX Install ESD/Install OS X Mountain Lion Press Ok MODIFS: Replace USBKEY Extra folder with the content of Pre-Install folder Replace MBR Install Files on USB KEY with contents of MBR folder OSInstall.mpkg remplace with: OSInstall.mpkg /System/Installation/Packages/ OSInstall.mpkg remplace par: OSInstall.mpkg OSInstall remplace with: OSInstall /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/Install.framework/Frameworks/OSInstall.framework/Versions/A/OSInstall Repair Extras+SLE on USB KEY Run Chameleon Wizard. Download Chameleon Dropbox. Update bootloader+more boot loader on USB KEY. 2/ INSTALL: BIOS SETTINGS: Intel AntiTheft: Disabled USB: Legacy Enabled XHCI: Disabled Boot: Launch CSM Secure Boot Control: Disabled Boot FROM USB KEY Launch DISK UTILITIES: Select destination disk 1 Partition, Options: MBR, Format: Mac OS Extended Journaled. Close diskutils Choose Install Extras: Use My Own Directory: Extra (USBKEY) Remove Kexts: Yes, Yes, Yes 3/ POST-INSTALL: Reboot from USBKEY, at prompt enter -V -F -X. Go to S/L/E, remove GFORCE Kexts (9 Kexts, 4 GeForce, 5 NV...) and Myhack.kext (Backup kexts). Use Kextwizard to install kexts from Post-install folder to K55VD/SLE folder (backup again). Repair boot caches and permissions of Extras + S/L/E. Replace K55VD/Extra/Chameleonboot.plist with the one from Post-install folder. Reinstall Chameleon-2.2svn-r2134 on your system disk (Needed because Myhack install an obsolete Chameleon version), and update Chameleon as soon you are connected to internet (optional ,but better). Restart normally. Install VoodooHDA, reboot. You done. Notes: If you get some crashes with VoodHDA.kext ,try edit VoodooHDA.kext/Contents/info.plist with this string (or use your HDA Vendor/Device id if yours is different), and rebuild kernelcache. IOPCIPrimaryMatch 0x80861e20 Modify your Serial number in Smbios.plist from extras folder with Chameleon Wizard. You can do most of software updates normally, but if you get a kernel panic at reboot, you will need to restart in safe mode, reinstall modified kexts and remove Gforce kexts in S/L/E again. For FNKeys and HDMI Audio to fully work you will need to tweak your DSDT, check other guides for this. UPDATE JULY 2013: New features: With DSDT: Power: NVIDIA GForce now disabled. All FN keys now working with new kext. Audio: No more Voodoo HDA, now instead features a patched HDA kext. Without DSDT: Trackpad: Gestures now enabled and better sensitivity with new kexts. iMessage, FaceTime, Appstore now enabled with Chameleon module. USB3 now fully working and compatible with USB2 and USB1. Installation: Plz install dsdt and new related files after post-install is done (you will crash if you try to use dsdt in pre-install phase). Update Chameleon boot loader to latest version if needed, else modules may not work (use Kext Wizard). In Extra folder, add dsdt file and modules and update Org.chameleon.Boot.plist with link to dsdt file in Chameleon Wizard or manually. In System/Extensions remove VoodooHDA.kext (if you decide to use patched AppleHDA.kext) and PS2 related kexts (AppleACPIPS2Nub.kext and ApplePS2Controller.kext). In System/Extensions install new kexts with kext utility (select backup replaced files). Rebuild System cache, repair System/Extensions permissions. Reboot VERY IMPORTANT: In bios switch both USB settings to enabled, else you will crash with the new USB3 kext. Restart! Remember to follow theses projects for updates and support: USB3 Driver: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/286860-genericusbxhci-usb-30-driver-for-os-x-with-source/ Trackpad Driver: http://forum.osxlatitude.com/index.php?/topic/1948-elan-touchpad-driver-mac-os-x/
  6. Hi!

    Can you please make a guide of how you installed ML on your laptop? I have the same as yours, so you will help me a lot!

    Thanks in advance!

  7. Hi!

    Can you please make a guide of how you installed ML on your laptop? I have the same as yours, so you will help me a lot!

    Thanks in advance!

  8. @waynekee No my laptop is a K55VD ivy Bridge i7 Q3630, i spent two weeks to find out how to configure it. Very hard to configure, but worth the pain, perfect macbook pro 2012 clone on my opinion. If people are interested i can publish a guide.
  9. I use regular bios here and i got native power management functional without dsdt. I also got speedstep and turboboost enabled.
  10. K, for sleep to work u can try Sleepenabler.kext only if you using nullcpumanagement.kext. Here sleep/wake works, turboboost and speedstep too, using latest AppleCPUPowermanagement.kext instead of nullcpupowermanagment.kext, but its easy because i got Ivy Bridge.
  11. To liawang, maybe u got a defective Ram, or u need change ram type/settings in bios, if your bios allow it (Can't here on K55VD).
  12. Its normal if u got 3.5g or 3.7g ram available , Intel HD4000 use VRAM (300 to 500mo) from your 4g Ram.
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