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  1. my signature was supposed to have my system in it. i'm pretty sure it will work
  2. Hey guys, I am currently running Mavericks on my hackintosh laptop. I want your opinions on whether it's worth it to upgrade and go through all the messing around with the OS to get it working right. Do the features outweigh the work, or am I better off not messing with what works? ? ?
  3. I tried updating Flash and my video driver. Neither helped. It only happens if there's a lot of pictures on a site or something. I can deal with it I guess
  4. hmm. it's a pretty descent video card. maybe i need a new graphics driver? i think i'm using the stock one.
  5. Hey guys. I'm wondering what could be causing a lag when scrolling a page with a lot of content on Safari. Is it a kext issue? I haven't noticed it before. The only difference is I have an external monitor hooked up. System specs are in my sig.
  6. ok i understand. i'm having poor luck promoting my forums. if you have any advice for me let me know.
  7. My guess is going to be no as the couple of other sites I've received negative response. I am trying to promote a new forum site I created. It's forums differ from that of HackintoshOSX so it should not detract from membership here. I didn't see anything in the rules about it (unless this would be considered spam). I am just trying to get my site going and having a difficult time.
  8. I actually ended up reinstalling it and installing the ethernet kext first thing. It worked this time! and I didn't need an iCloud fix, it worked immediately. I don't know why I must have messed something up last time.
  9. Hey I recently installed Mavericks and I have gotten everything working except for Ethernet and iCloud, etc... I need to get ethernet working in order to get iCloud working. I tried using the kext file I used for Mountain Lion and it didn't work, I have searched and tried every kext I can and still no luck. Anyone have any ideas? Here are my specs: ? Dell Studio XPS 1645 Intel Core i7 1.6ghz (720QM) 8 GB DDR3 RAM 128 GB SSD Drive ATI Mobility Radeon 4670 Dell Bluetooth 370 External Wifi Receiver
  10. I have a strange issue after applying this fix. I followed it completely (at least I think I did) and all that happens upon restart is GraphicsEnabler no longer functions and iCloud still doesn't work. Once I remove the device ID from my chameleon plist GraphicsEnabler starts functioning again. ? Dell Studio XPS 1645 Intel Core i7 1.6ghz (720QM) 8 GB DDR3 RAM 128 GB SSD Drive ATI Mobility Radeon 4670 Dell Bluetooth 370 External Wifi Receiver
  11. I used a very similar package for Mountain Lion and I have Mavericks installed and this doesn't seem to work.
  12. Resolved with the help of a moderator. Set the framebuffer to Flicker.
  13. I am having an issue after installing N{censored}'s 10.9 distribution. I also had this problem previously using iAtkos 10.8 but only if I updated the bootloader. I am posting a screenshot of what I see upon boot. ? I have a Dell Studio XPS 1645 and it has an AMD Mobility Radeon 4670, if any other specs are needed just ask. ? I am wondering what I can do to get full video working. The only way I can get in is to disable GraphicsEnabler.
  14. My question as of now is, it looks like Gigabyte motherboards are the only way to go. Now do I have to go with the ones listed in the couple of guides I found, or can I pick any Gigabyte board?
  15. I bought a rocketfish micro bluetooth adapter because my computer doesn't have built in bluetooth and I have an apple wireless keyboard and mouse. Lion detects the adapter and sees the devices, however when I pair them, it says they paired but they do not function. I've read on other forums that people have had this adapter work no problem. Is there something I need to do?
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