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  1. WINNING. would give machine the speed of a Angelbird
  2. installed up date to 10.9.2 from apple running fine SYSTEM SPECS Quo motherboard (Ozmosis) A.828m bios Graphics Card ati 5770 vaper-x HDIM Sound working with this bios? Cpu 3770K 32Gig Corsair ram TP-Link 4800 wifi card two OCZ- Vector 250 gig SSD
  3. hope you like the desktop ?wallpaper
  4. i know that it was hard to get the alc892 codec to work for a time. thats why i bought the sabertooth motherboard as i could use a M-Audio 2496 sound card and amp. i dont need the alc892 to work its in my signiture if you care to look im using the 2 gig graphics card
  5. Gigabyte windforce works oob with mountain lion 10.8.0 Dsdt can be extracted in windows using AIDA 64 Then use a DSDT editer. and patch to your needs I've downloaded one on insanlymac site
  6. Works on my Sabertooth x79 motherboard. THANK YOU VERY MUCH
  7. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK i couldnt boot into my system after installing. used back up system to access boot plist couldnt change boot plist as didnt have permission. Fix for me was to delete Extras and boot file and reinstall my older chameleon. from back up system
  8. Gigabyte windforce GTX670. works in Mountian Lion oob
  9. just thought i would post a picture of my latest build. for your intrest
  10. Envy24 sl64bit 0.20 working in mountain lion 10.8.2 with M-audio 2496 pci card THANK YOU VERY MUTCH
  11. I extracted with Evo DSDT. the was the _T_0 Errors and one remark i cant remember what that was for the moment. i recompiled and it with the same tool came up clean im new to messing with DSTD FILES. but as far as i know is was clean so i thought it would be nice to shear it. if it is faulty i will remove it. i just like to contrebute if i can
  12. hi ya i just tryed lion 10.7.0 couldnt up date to 10.7.2 booted up and run but not with resalution .

    hdmi work no resalution. two moniters worked at once no res. chess set didnt work.

    panicked when tried to update. had to boot graphics enabler= yes hope this helped

  13. Gigabyte windforce 670Gtx work out of the box. in 10.8.2 Hdmi as well no graphics enabler
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