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  1. Treads are the cpu cores with hyper threading. 6 core cpu + hyper threading = 12 threads.
  2. Use MB{censored}. Under the Realtek ALC 8XXX option Pick ALCxxHDA, Applehda rollback and under Non-DSDT option pick ALC888
  3. Just thought i'd post 10.7.3 running great on new x79 motherboard. 3930k Simply booted from my x58 ud3r drive and works a treat Network ,usb, 12 threads.
  4. I was never able to get dual cards with Graphics Enabler. If you can i would like to know how.(as you say ) "didn't work properly". I have to change peg for lion and snow As i said getting the cards working is not a problem Even in 10.7.2 .(efi sting first slot and aty init for other cards). The lag is the problem. Looks like i'm repeating my-self, so thanks for the input. If i'm lucky Netkas might just pop up and give me an answer. Laters
  5. As you know GraphicsEnabler=Yes does not work with multiple nvidia cards and only works with multi ati cards with the correct frame buffer. I have used efi strings and have the same problem. I found out about AGPM a couple of years ago when i was looking at dual cards.Even when i move agpm from 10.6.3 to lion it still has the same problems(Doing this used to fix my problems on 10.6) Does lion use different frame buffer? i have just installed 10.6.3 and it seems to be much better. Must be the way lion handles graphics. Strange really because in lion i set boot card to peg=1 and in snow it has to be set to boot card peg=2
  6. Hi Tried dual card string and aty init for the third card.Same problems. I have found out that when i use 10.6.3 and use efi string on the first card and aty init on the second 2 it is a lot better. I don't think it is power management but 10.6.3 does have the best PM i have found so far and it seems to be working better.
  7. Hi All I have a quick question about the pcie bus and graphics cards. I have been running dual and triple graphics cards for a while now and not noticed any problems until recently when i have been playing super hi res quicktime across multiple screens. I can open a quicktime video and play it on a single screen but when i drag it across several screens the video starts to stutter. I thought this might be something to do with power management but it not. It seems that the communication on the pcie bus between two cards is lagging. All cards are accelerated and run over 3000fps on opengl viewer. I was hoping that one of the gurus around here may be able to shed some light on this. The graphics injection i have been using is aty init on 3 gtx 275's running on 10.7.1 Cheers
  8. have you removed any other injectors before installing kext, repair perms with kext utility.-v will show you if the kext is loading. on kexts.com there is a utility called system info which shows you what kexts are loaded. If that does not work you could try using an efi string with efi studio.
  9. kexts.com ,Downloads,videocards,scroll down to aty init 64bit. install using kext helper and repair perms
  10. Common mistake that is made, The driver is aty init ,not ati init. Lots of people think it is ati only. It is for ati and nvidia cards. The great thing about aty init is that you can run multiple cards in one machine for quad display.I use it for my 9500gt and gtx275 to run both cards on my 10.6.8 install. Check out netkas.org or search for aty init on kexts.com under graphics cards.Check my sig and you will see all the cards i have running with it.
  11. Try Aty Init from netkas, works on any nvidia card i have ever had.
  12. Try RTL81xx kext found in MB{censored}.
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