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  1. Works with 10.8.4 AR5B95 who come from Compaq CQ71
  2. Doze

    ALC889A with Lion

    Working on EP45-DS3R v1.0 Bios F11i (patched SLIC,SLI,option rom fully updated) Lion 10.7.1 x64,Chameleon 2.1svn 1449, DSDT with latest DSDT-Autopatcher integrated via {censored} MB{censored} 3.8.0, the 2 Kext added with latest Kext utility. Not verified if all I/O are ok, but sound Ok.
  3. Works On Acer 7720G in Lion 10.7.0 64 bit mode )
  4. Works Perfect with Ubiquiti SR71-E and Lion 10.7.0 )
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