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  1. No Chance.. change the WiFI&BT Card to Atheros or better Broadcom... see-> www.osxwifi.com
  2. you can try this kext for your NIC. -> http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/286937-realtekr1000-v3/
  3. Please help me, im looking for a compiled Version of this Kext... where i can download it..?
  4. rene204

    ALC892 with HDAEnabler1

    Please, can you verify, that in your Apple-DVD-Player, the Sound-Output can be set to Optical Out? Or is the only Option to use the integrated Sound-Output..? ? For me, it must go, otherwise the Kexts are not useful for me... ? In most Cases it should be hardcoded in the AppleHDA-File in MacOS-Folder, that i cant do for myself...
  5. /Extras/Modules (is in your Root of boot-HDD, after you installed the Chameleon-Bootloader)
  6. rene204

    ALC892 noDSDT 10.9

    Hi, please can you give me a simple Answer.. can you select in the Preferences of DVDPlayer Audio Built-In Digilat Out? I only can select System Audio Out, that didnt enables the 5.1 Audio Out.. Dont know, if it is an Problem with the Audio-Kext or an other Problem with DVdPlayer or something other..? On my other System with ALC888 its working fine and i can select the BuiltIn Digital Out in DVDPlayer Preferences... Why not with Board with ALC892...? Same System, same Versions, same Software....
  7. rene204

    ALC892 noDSDT 10.9

    Running with 10.9 but no optical 5.1 Sound... only Stereo.... what can i do to get 5.1 optical Sound from DVD-Player..?
  8. attention, on what firmware..? please give the information complete and in regular size... thx.
  9. working here for GA-P55-USB3 rev.1, ALC888. Thx.
  10. need alc888 for GA-P55-USB3 rev.1.0. thanks...
  11. cant install and cant open with pacifist, to see,what is inside. in Finder, it is no package, so i cant "show package content".
  12. rene204

    AppleHDA 10.8.2 ALC888

    not working for ALC888 on P55-USB3,
  13. delete in /Extra/modules the ACPIxxx module.. same here..
  14. Yes, exactly for these patches.
  15. what patch you are doing? please can you give a link or information about?
  16. acpi patcher error again with P55 and Core i7 (first Gen.) 8(
  17. hi, thx for the Anserwers,

    but Update 10.7.2 doesn t put you to the latest iTunes, this ahd to do manually from the Apple Site..

    have a look to your iTuenes Version.. had test it out now for myself,, it is not working with itunes 10.5.1


  18. ok, after waiting some Days for an Answer, i had test it for myself.. still the same Problem. works ONLY with iTunes 10.3.1 in Lion (10.7.2), this is NOT WORKING with iTunes 10.5.1, Pictures and Videos are in FrontRow fine, but still no Music available in FR. If you want to use FR in Lion, after installing the FR-Package here, be sure, eo have an iTunes (Vesrion equal or prior to 10.3.1 ) installed.
  19. baldyman which Version of iTunes did you have ? FrontRow is only english, it wasnt multilingual. please, verify if you have the latest iTunes 10.5.1 installed and it is working, to play Music in FrontRow. Thanks a lot.. Rene
  20. Much more important is the Question, is this working with iTunes 10.5.1 (Music!) too? Solutions before are only working, if you have iTunes 10.3.1 and do NOT UPDATE to a newer Version of iTunes. Please give a Feedback. Thx.
  21. rene204


    found a much better solution for ALC888 here.. working here in Lion 10.7.2 http://www.{censored}.com/viewtopic.php?f=16&t=29283&p=226213&hilit=ALC888+10.7.2#p226213 have a look to page 3 to the second-last Post on 12.54 PM.
  22. Uh, why not as a normal Package, like to have a i386-Folder. Sorry, no.
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