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  1. Hi,i think,u can install iatkos l2.My notebook is hp dv5 1135 ee and i installed it and now,it's working very good.graphic card (9600 M GT),sound (vodooHDA),battery(smartbattery),webcam(hp webcam) all working.just,my dvd drive doesnt work but it's not a big issue.I installed iatkos from usb.with dvd,i couldnt.good luck.
  2. Thank u very much for this awesome kext.it's working on my hp dv5 10.7.3.on mine,it shows native apple battery indicator with all functionalities.
  3. Hi,everybody, i am using iatkos 10.7.3 now.Till a few weeks ago,i have never used ichat.But,when one of my friend bought a brand new macbook pro,i wanted to try ichat.we tried video chat and it was ok.but from that time till now,we could never get it worked again.i even can't see cam icon near his name on my buddy list.on ichat prefences,i went to audio/video section and saw that sound output shows ' none '.I thought maybe there is a connection between video chat and this.in drop down menu,there are 3 options like below: - speaker (analog) - SPDIF out (Black unknown) - Digital-out (HDMI) ichat doesn't allow me to choose one of this.for my system sound,i use speaker analog.Because other two options doesn't work.on Skype.everything is ok.but why not on ichat ? i just wonder,if u can help,i would appreciate.by the way,i am using VoodooHDA kext for my sound.thank u in advance. My specs : Hp dv5 1135 ee.2.26 ghz Intel core 2 duo.3 gb 800 mhz DDR2 SD RAM.GeForce 9600M GT 512 MB.Mac OS X Lion 10.7.3.
  4. hi,when i installed iatkos L1,my cam was already working so i have never checked about my hp-cam.i am not sure it will work for u or not but i have a kext for hp webcam.if u want,i can send it by email.just give me your email address.i am not sure that i can send from here or not.
  5. noname,i tried more and managed to replace my old Address Book with new one and there is no ' no entry' sign on it anymore.but this time when i click on Address Book,it's menu on top appears but it's window not.i can't see Address Book window and on menu,when i click prefences,i can just see header of menus.general,accounts,template,phone and vcard.and just with vcard's menu,i can see what's there under header.with other menus,i can't see what's under of that menu. i hope someone has a good solution for this problem.
  6. i got your advice.firstly thank u for your helping.i downloaded combo update which u offered and in my virtual machine snow leopard i extracted Address Book by using pacifist.now,it's in my external hard drive.But,actually,i didn't understand how to install it on lion.Because,u know there is another address book which is damaged,so when i try to install a new one from snow leopard,it gives this error 'Address Book? can?t be modified or deleted because it?s required by Mac OS X.'.can u explain how to install this or replace old one with this ?
  7. hi there.there is a no entry sign on AddressBook and i can't launch it anymore.when i click on it,i get this message 'You can't open the application Address Book because it may be damaged or incomplete'.i searched on net about what happened or how to get it back but i couldn't find any useful solution.i installed lion by using iAtkos_L1 and it's working very well except of my dvd drive which doesn't work and AddressBook problem. I hope,there is anybody here who can help me.i found out that one of possible solution is to re-install my lion but i don't want to do it cause i am really very satisfied with the rest of my system.but i really need AddressBook.thanks in advance.
  8. worked on hp dv5 but after reboot os hangs and starts so late.so,i deleted it and now,it starts like before.
  9. sorry john.i am new here and to be honest don't know very well about rules.next time,i will be more careful.
  10. i just installed mac os x lion 10.7.1 on my hp pavilion dv5 by using iatkos l1 from usb and it's working very good.it recognized my nvidia geforce 9600M GT graphic card and built in hp webcam.i don't have any serious problem.just mic doesn't work.and have problem with sound.i can't control it on main settings of my laptop.i can control it per application.
  11. i just installed iatkos l1 on my hp pavilion dv5 1135 ee laptop and it's almost working like a charm.with snow leopard,i couldn't succeed to work my nvidia geforce 9600M GT graphic card but with iatkos l1,it's working very well.and also my built in hp cam working.i just wanted to share with u to help people who may need to know about hp dv5 and iatkos l1.and want to thank everybody here for their big effort to help us.thank u guys.u are awesome.
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