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  1. Im In Need a new SSD for new installation in my Hackingtosh, so this would be great
  2. Sorry for the extremely late reply Backplate was cut from a HP PROLIANT ML310 just like this one: Alot has been done to this mod, since I first completion.... Many MAC lovers will not agree on my beastly modification with a RAD on top, but I really don't care Will post an updated pic. Hardware updated to 32GB RAM, Nvidia GTX1080Ti with aquacomputer waterblock and active VRM cooling as well. New PSU, new PUMP, new FANS, alot more SSD's and so on... Delidded the CPU as well and knocked a good 25c of the max load temp.
  3. Hi Mr.D Thanks for the very kind words on my build But calling it sacrilegious would mean that you pray to the church of Apple I will gladly run any benches on this rig once I get Mountain Lion running on it. Just post which ones you'd like and where I can download them for free. I will mainly be using it for Gaming + image editing + a little video editing when needed.
  4. Hi John Nope it's a 7200RPM SATA-III 250GB The SSD is reserved for my primary OS - Windows7 64Bit Yes windows I know, but im a gamer and then there is no choice But should someone send an extra SSD my way, id' gladly exchange it Anyways, hope you enjoyed the ride. The build will be finalized with details in the following months.¨ One thing that needs to be re-done is the RES holder support (thing looks shite) Cheers
  5. Update! So this rig has been up and running for a week now. I guess it was about time i posted an update on the whole thing. Remember I said (up and running) so it's complete but not quite done yet, there are a few details that need to be sorted. So without further ado. Filling the loop Random shot Random shot Enter H2O and Ethylene Glycol Enter H2O and Ethylene Glycol After one week of running Damn autofocus ! The whole system in it's glory Bottom's up! Showing off the rear Pic of pump assembly - Silicone anti vibration thingy I made - Pump Alu bracket Closeup of Pump - Res Closeup of CPU - VRM Closeup of RAD Can you spot the mains power cable ???? Random shot Showing off Rad clearance Showing off RAM clearance Well I guess that's allmost it for this project, it's been fun and tiresome. But... Well worth the time spent! Cheers PS. Currently hitting OSX Mountain Lion on a 250GB SATA disk
  6. Ahh the old Amiga 2000 I was drooling when that machine emerged from Commodore. I've owned an A500+ and an A1200 with a 1220 accelerator board and internal HDD, ahh those where the days Nope I garuntee that it ain't the same case, this was bought in Denmark at a local Mac support that I know. I wen't for the 3770k cause this was a new machine that should last me at least a few years + OC'ing the crap out of it!!! so better to cash out I think. I'll be running Win7 Pro 64 bit on the SSD and OSX Lion on a 250GB HDD Im not really a MAC man, I just loved this case so much that I had to mod it to fit my needs. (apple logo will disappear) Irony served chilled with H20 goodnes Thanks for the kind words ! The mod is 99% complete now and the beast is up and running (Win7 as the first OS) Just need to create a support for the RES and take final pictures
  7. So I have done alot of work on this thing, snapped alot of pictures so it's time for an update. Pump mount - Silicone curing - Booring took ages to cure (1.5mm a day) Powersocket epoxied in Powersocket from the outside PSU wired up PSU wired up 2 Upper case assembly mounted Love those HDD Brackets Pump base done and mounted with rivets to the bottom of the case RAD Mounted PSU hole - Now filled i7-3770K i7-3770K in the socket ready for TIM Fast forward.... GFX mounted - loop building in progress Loop building loop building and vent cover mounted Rear complete ! That's it for now, waiting for a few bits and bobs before I can get the rest done. /MrAhlefeld
  8. Fun with Alu and Copper The VRM block requires a tight bend (no hose can do 90 degrees bend in 1.5cm) but with a copper insert it can Made some HDD mounting brackets in Alu and epoxied modded original drive-mount screws to them Mounted with HDD That's it for now... more to come /MrAhlefeld
  9. Incremental update 1. PSU / PUMP / RELAY / AC Plug / AC Socket all wired up and encased in hotglue Pump, Relay, Modular cable for relay/psu, AC socket, AC Plug, cables'n wires... How it's all connected up 1 How it's all connected up 2 That's it for now, more done allready but not documented yet... /MrAhlefeld
  10. Stardate 15-10-2012 Progress report.... HDD Cage mounted Alu mount for pump fabbed Hole for PSU done Pump relay wired up for direct connection to mains power internally. Connection to PSU via modular cable, and encaged in hotglue (a litte more needs to be done) AC cord socket fitted to be inserted in the original socket. (back needs to be moulded in hotglue and painted as well) Front panel cable fabbed Whole system, all parts exposed note that it's the temp MB that is mounted. Hole for PSU Alu mount for pump done (not mounted yet) Power socket, Pump relay and AC cord. Cable for front panel fabbed (USB - AUDIO - POWER BUTTON - POWER LED) That's it for now as allways hope you've enjoyed it. /MrAhlefeld
  11. Got the backplate back from the paintshop He made a small mistake with the coating (see if you can spot it) Good news.... ½ price Anyways, as allways a bunch of pics for those who are watching / following Prepping for epoxying (masking off stuff that does not want glue all over) More prepping for epoxying (masking off stuff that does not want glue all over) Backplate off (masking off stuff that does not want glue all over) Backplate (masking off stuff that does not want glue all over) Mixed up a big batch of epoxy and 4 minutes later (masking tape removed before epoxy dried) Epoxy curing, random shot Epoxy curing, random shot Epoxy curing, random shot Epoxy curing, put the magnets back on for safe measure just for the night. The day after.... Fan grill mounted (without screws for the time being) Closeup of fan grill and backplate Hole for the RAD cut in the bottom. Hole for the RAD cut in the bottom. My daughter wanted to help me out (blurry action shot) Dad dad daaaaad :thumbup: (blurry action shot) UuuuUh.. What is it ? looks cool from up here (and what are you doing down there on the floor ? Back with motherboard mounted Motherboard mounted, just had to see That's it for this weekend. Next up...... HDD Cage /MrAhlefeld
  12. Hi Ryan Everything will be revealed, but the build is still in progress. Parts list is in the first post Small update RAD Planning RAD Planning RAD Planning /MrAhlefeld Even more updates ! Back end cut out and fitted. Atx backplate got a little love with the angle grinder and a good old file. Need to sand and prep it for paint as well. Original vent cover met my trusty hand saw and other hand tools. Add it all up and you get this. Random shot. Inside. Inside closeup of atx backplate and vent cover As allways.... hope you enjoyed it /MrAhlefeld
  13. Time for a small update... HP SAS / SATA Drive Cage (Can't take credit for this idea, original by MrBeanPhillip) But mine will be mounted differently No SAS drives will be used - they get too damn hot, are noisy and hell an SSD is faster Front Back Defective MB and PCI-E boards mounted Showing ATX backplate held in place by old 3.5" HDD magnets Alot of alu needs to be cut away to make a nice clean look. Picked up the ASUS MAXIMUS V FORMULA today :thumbup: :leet: Itzi bitzy water channel size for that VRM cooler, will have to make a parallel loop for that :tongue: The beast is in its place now suits it well I think ATX backplate now in place as well, will epoxy it after I finish cutting out the back, and offcourse finish sanding grinding & painting it Final pic of the day.. Lovin' the ROG theme :thumbup: As allways hope you enjoyed it Cheers /MrAhlefeld
  14. Pictures ! The PowerMac G5 Back Damage to back handle - Bump on top and squished out of shape Ouch More damage showing Inside shots before stripping Inside shots before stripping Inside shots before stripping Backside An old HP server donated it's backplate to be modded (how nice of it) "this will be mounted on the inside" Front Back Random shots Random shots Backplate mounted with magnets from old 3.5" HDD's. (will be glued once the final MB is mounted and everything is fitted / sanded / painted) :thumbup: Original MB standoffs mounted to defective MB (allmost donated by local HW supplyer) was 7AUD approx. The MB curves slightly and a few of the standoffs lift off the surface :mad: MB standoffs cleaned off, ready for epoxy Epoxy Steel from hobbyking.com with 4 min. setting time (must work fast) MB placement making sure PCI-E cards fit. The big iron blocks hold down the MB so it dosen't curve. The Alu pipe is venting the epoxy fumes out of the room. Random shot 4 Minutes later More Epoxy added on top for safety (not really needed but hey) That's it for now I think, more to come :cool:
  15. Time for a new project I've allways loved the style of the PowerMac G5 enclosure, and with much inspiration from other people's builds I've decided to do my own. This will not be like the other G5 ATX convertions with Lian-Li motherboard tray (sorry guys, I think those builds look cool but it's not my style) I've sourced a PowerMac G5 from a local MAC shop in my city. It was dirt cheap, cause one of the handles on the to was bend out of shape. Watercooling: I will be using some of my old parts as I love my Eheim 1048 pump, just can't beat it at those noise levels. SPONSORS - None as of now List of parts: Will be updated as the build comes along. System PowerMac G5 enclosure PSU - CHILL INNOVATION CP-1000M 1000W Modular PSU MB - ASUS MAXIMUS V FORMULA CPU - Intel Core i7-3770K RAM - Kingston HyperX Predator 2400MHz 4x4GB - Ugly blue color, but this will be solved once I know the RAM is 100% ok SSD - OCZ VERTEX 3 120GB HDD - 1.5TB SATA-II HDD 3.5" HP SAS/SATA 2.5" 8 Bay Enclosure Cooling CPU - EK Supremacy Acetal GPU - EK GTX580 Acetal RAD - EK XT 360 RES - EK - Multioption RES X2 Advanced PUMP - EHEIM 1048 FAN - ARCTIC F12 x 3 FITTINGS - Mixed bunch TIM - Coollaboratory Liquid Ultra Hope you enjoy reading / watching the progress All comments are wellcome !
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