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  1. hi.

    I am trying to install hackintosh on my Dell Vostro 3350.

    What is the BIOS version you are using Dell Vostro 3350?

    Thank you.

  2. Hello axebuddy! This is DSDT for Vostro 3350. I`m wondering that this work with Vostro 3450. Download voodoo Batterie Kext and take the Kext into the Extra Folder. Repair Permissions with Kext Utlity 64 bit for Extra Folder. Restart the Laptop and see what it do. My Vostro 3350 works fine with Voodoo Batterie Kext. I hope that work for you too?
  3. hi, i recently purchased a vostro 3350 i3 w/ intel hd graphics. I was wondering if you could explain the steps needed for installing lion on this laptop or if there's a forum post this has already been explained, please send me the link. thanks in advance.

  4. Sorry i have forgotten. The System works very fine with the Bootloader Chimera v1.4.1 877 from MB{censored} 3.8.0.
  5. This ist my Extra Folder for Dell Vostro 3350. Install the modded VoodooHDA Kext with Kexthelpher into S/L/E. Systemvolume an Volume from Apps work nice. Not working is ATI HD 6470M. Intel HD 3000 Grafik works very fine with full QE.
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