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  1. no you don't need a mobo with uefi; there are many ways to write the boot loaders: multi beast / my hack / clover / kakewalk / and i am shure that i forget some distro's
  2. i have the same mobo z68xp- ud3p rev1 , with sandy bridge i5 2500K did the same here, with 16gig Ram & video card nvidea gtx660 Worked flawless.?
  3. if you can boot your computer in UEFI mode to load osx you dont need a bootloader. check out http://iatkos.me/forum/viewtopic.php?f=77&t=23988 i use mac whit the uefi string injected in the bios; need no bootloader. Suc6
  4. UEFI bootable installation. no bootloader Official iATKOS Forum ? View topic - iATKOS ML3U Guide
  5. checkout 't is Quo Computer | your computer. your configuration. your choice.
  6. it works fine on my mountain lion 10.8.3 Thanks
  7. neophyter

    ati 7000 kext

    the unarchiver free @ app store
  8. neophyter

    ati 7000 kext

    Version 1.0


    extract from 10.8.3 update install whit kext util let me know its working gr Neo ps if any other file need let me know i upp it
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