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  1. Wow very fast and clean.!!!!
  2. Dear friend thanks for the nvdia driver

    it made my nvdia 8400gs card work on 10.6.3 iatkos

    but i am having strange issue

    My ps2 mouse and keybord works only when i boot with iatkos v2 10.6.3 dvd,

    I installede cham 2 rc4 bootloader but no luck

    ps2 works only when boot via iatkos dvd


    please help

  3. well this worked great..i just installed nvenabler.pkg and my nvidia geforce 8400gs 512 mb started working on 10.6.3 iatkos v2 dvd my mb gigabyte g41combo but ps2 mouse keboard only works when i boot with iatkos v2 10.6.3 dvd...... can anybody help
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