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  1. Umm, don't displays have their own unique EDID ? The best?way to enable this card is to dump the ATI Rom and enable ATIRom=Yes in Chameleon
  2. Sleep mode is notoriously unreliable on Hackintoshes even on real Macbook Pros (15 sec bug). So if youve got this far, congratuations, If you?want to keep your display up and running to solve the problem, you can use an app called caffeine
  3. Version 1.0


    Sony Vaio VPCEB36FA Installer Developed by Devonic This installer package installs the necessary Patched Kexts, Graphics Modifications and Boot loader to make this laptop work perfectly. As EDID injection is enabled by default for this display, only use this installer with this laptop. Use only on the Sony Vaio VPCEB36FA ! Options available 1) Install Clover 2) Install A Universal fixed config.plist 3) Enable Graphics Acceleration (ATI 5650M) 4) Install SD Card Driver (Ricoh) 5) Install Patched WIFI kext (AR9285) 6) Install Drivers for PS2 Trackpad & Keyboard (ALPS) 7) Install patched Sound kext (Intel HD Audio) 8) Enable Battery Percentage 9) Install Clover Configurator 10) Slow boot fix Extras :- 1) Kext Utility Superspeed Edition 2) Plist Editor Pro
  4. I posted a guide on how to get this card to?work on the N{censored} forums. check it out here You have to set Load VBios=Yes, Patch VBios=Yes, AtiConfig (FB Name) = Orangutan and inject EDID through clover Configurator.
  5. thought that an installer package?would be more straightforward than extracting the kext?with pacifist here's the link if you want the kext.
  6. Version 10.9


    This is a fully working multitouch kext installer package for the ALPS trackpad on most laptops. A modified version of the VoodooPS2 trackpad kext by RehabMan, sontrg and bpedman. Features: 1) Upto Five finger multitouch support 2) Two finger scrolling 3) Full intergration with Trackpad settings in the settings pane P.S This is the package extracted from the truly awesome Vietnam tool
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