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  1. Hmmm, and i am stuck with my Alienware 9750 area-51 ? Nice box - respect
  2. ? Thanks Rene. I worked my busratio to 24 (24 - 3200- at 133mhz)?so i will try that and see if it makes a difference. ? Many thanks in advance. (fingers crossed) ? Update ? Well i have been running my box overnight whilst on night shift and the time has remained stable. ? so i guess you were correct Rene, will give it a few days to use it and check it keeps the time sync ) ? Thanks again. ? ? Update2 ? Now running 24 hours with the clock currently correct, Just one note for anyone else looking at this issue : The busratio= xx is used in the boot.plist not the SMBios.plist
  3. as i said... it gains time. its nothing to do with my BIOS clock.
  4. Is anyone else having issues with time skew on mavericks? I have tried with and without NTP servers, but my clock gains around 2 hours in a 24 hour period. ? Any helpful corrective action or info welcome. Cheers. ? ? RESOLVED ? see Rene's hint on busratio=xx below ??
  5. @dison4linux try putting the DEVID back to 403 default.install it again maybe from the default.I had the same problem, I had no sound....actually i did have sound but extremely low volumed.try increasing the available options in the voodoo preferences pain and also change the sound output settings in the audio preferences pain in system preferences.Your system should start giving the sound you need after playing with these.Hope this helpseX
  6. Thanks for this, Working on my GA-X58A-UD3R-V1.6 audio after a little sound boosting with the voodoo preferences control.Running OS X Snow Leopard 10.6.8Sound card Dev ID : 8086:3a3eFull ID 00:1b.0 Audio device [0403]: Intel Corporation 82801JI (ICH10 Family) HD Audio Controller [8086:3a3e]
  7. I changed it to 0x06e410de&0x0fffffff and rebooted with no change still same result.
  8. IOPCIMatch has 0x000010de&0x0000ffff is that ok? Some direction appreciated. Do you believe it could be that causing it? Regards and thanks for the help so far. :-) I have added the exact 0x06e4:0ffffffff to the PCIMatch and am going to reboot to try it now. Will report back in 2 minutes. Thanks again.
  9. yes i am using it now.. I also inserted my devID to the NVDAN50 file with GraphicsEnabler=yes and still no QECI
  10. For some reason i am really struggling here. I have used my 3 Nvidia Geforce 8400GS 512's right back to 10.6 with a few kexts or injecting the dev id etc For some reason, beyond my knowledge i cannot get QE/CI working on the card. I am currently using Hex string inserts in the Boot.kext and have removed injector kexts from ext folders. i have gone down to 1 card to see if i can even figure out the 1 card before re-inserting the other 2. I have tried several kexts that claim to get this card working, but none do on my system. I have hear that its a better support for the card in ML, but when i create a boot disc with ML on it and reboot to try and install, the machine instantly reboots without any output at all (like the kernel is totally wrong or something) so i have decided to carry on and try to get the cards working in lion instead of ML. All resolutions working but no QE/CI If anyone can shed some light on any suggestions that could get this card(S) working again with QE/CI then that would be great.
  11. Thanks this is the only one (out af dozens) that works the Trackpad with scrolling and tapping for the Sony Vaio VGN-NR38E i am installing 10.6 on. Only running in 32bit mode so not sure if it will run 64 or not on 10.6.* Thanks very much for the files - give me more inspiration to continue with this damn laptop.
  12. Sony Vaio NR38 just gets a half white/black screen or white with colored lines. :-( need to battle on. Thanks anyway
  13. eXcalibre


    yes mate, sorry not got round to adding more fixes as yet. Most of my hardware works with kexts an patches. (ati700 chipset kext does not like the internal IDE dvd drive though, so its not found)
  14. Thanks very much, This sorted out the trackpad on my alienware M9700i - now everything works perfectly after changing the wifi card. Thanks again.
  15. Works for Acer Ferrari 4005 apart from ability to scroll - no big deal to me. Many thanks. @ vibou_ the kexts are appleacpips2nub appleps2controller and trackpad
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