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    Hack the MAC.for help-skype- go6ovei
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  1. Full working gma x3150(32bit)

    32 bit.only
  2. NVenabler

    blackmail-you is briliant mind,this man upload file,where is crap?my 8400 work out of box on lion,without your efi string:very_drunk:
  3. GA-G41MT-S2P rev 1.3

    HDEF?SpeedStep?not enable in DSDT..
  4. All the kexts files for Lenovo G550!!!!!!

    :eagerness:Thanks for HDA,i testh this night
  5. All the kexts files for Lenovo G550!!!!!!

    You have X3100 or 4500 Video?
  6. All the kexts files for Lenovo G550!!!!!!

    Where is AppleHDA.kext?
  7. Latest DSDT for T61

    This is a latest fixed DSDT for Lenovo T61 type 7661-CTO,CoreDuoT7500,GMA3100.
  8. Latest DSDT for T61

    Version 1.0


  9. RTL8101E-8102E

    Kernel Panic after 5min. on Lion 10.7.4 64bit
  10. sleepenabler universal

    Dont work on 10.7.4-ThinkPadT61 CPU T7500:2.2Ghz:mad:
  11. DarwinDumper v2.0 pre15

    Good job,THANKS
  12. Full working gma x3150(32bit)

    N00b-un-2-your mind is briliant...
  13. Finder from Lion DP 2

    Thanks brother:eagerness:
  14. Finder from Lion DP 2

    now is OK