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  1. Hello, I have an issue when i try to boot into OS x, i think it's a problem with shutting down. When i'm shutting down, everything looks normal.. and my laptop powers off (ofcourse. Ghehe) But, the next time i want to boot my system, it goes into the bootloader, and after that i get the gray screen with the apple logo. And then it happens: I'm getting a gray box in my screen wich tells me to hold-down my power button until my laptop shuts off, and after that i have to push the button again so it powers on. The second time he's booting normal, and no errors or anything else. I think the problem is when i'm shutting down the OS x system. (Maybe he is shuttding down the wrong way or something?). Does anyone have a solution for this?. *Sorry for my bad english again. EDIT: I'm running iAktos. Snow Leopard, version: 10.6.8
  2. Hey!. This is my first post, and i want to introduce myself to this forum. I'm Dennis, i live in The Netherlands. My english is not very good, i don't know some words, but i think the most of you can understand me !. I have a laptop running with iAktos (Snow Leopard) for a long time now, and i always had a problem that the system freezes when you nothing for a while. On some forums, much more users have this problem. So i want to share my solution with you guys!. First i have searched on Google for the solution, but i didn't find it, so i had to find the solution by myself. And, i've found it! Ghehe. It's very easy though. The problem is the settings for the Energy Saver. Energy saver tries to spin-down your HDD, or putting yoru laptop in to sleep when it's idle for a long time. But, when Energy Saver tries to do that, the system freezes. Why the systems freezes i don't know. But when you configure energy saver to never put the computer in to sleep, the system doesn't freeze anymore. I hope you guys understand what i'm saying, as i said.. my English is not perfect, and sometimes i use the wrong words i think. I hope that this helped some of you. Greetz!
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